Hits and Misses and Things

Misses first, so I end on a happy note.

1. I am missing the Forever21 opening because I have work. It's just so incredibly painful.
Chelo, I am shopping vicariously through you so you better haul like there's no tomorrow.

2. Plueys Fail.
I decided, while I was still in Japan, that I was going to get Plueys when I get back. While our ghetto apartment did survive Ondoy, our street floods within five minutes of rain. Not the kind that would prevent me from getting to work, just the annoying kind that soaks up your shoes. Now going to the office dripping wet is not exactly ideal, so I figured I'd spare myself the stress and go get myself a pair of rain boots.
Now here's the thing. My sister and cousin wanted a pair too, so we spent a long time squabbling over who gets to buy which style. Finally we reach a truce, so I tried to place an order, and guess what? No stock. Would they ever re-stock? I wouldn't know because I got no reply.
Part two. Since I am quite desperate for rain boots, I tried looking for other sites that sell Plueys. Found one, but they don't have the style I prefer, so I had to pick out something else (which took years). I placed an order yesterday, and guess what? No effin' stock. Would they ever re-stock? This time I got a reply and it's a negative.
It's probably the universe telling me to accept the fact that when it rains I would have to report to the office with my sneakers squishing and my jeans drenched to the knees. But then again, third time's the charm, so we'll see.

3. Smashbox Photofinish SPF15
Or anything with SPF, for that matter. Sun-protection and I, we're not friends. Everything I've tried makes me break out. And by everything I mean VMV Armada, Shiseido Anessa, Shiseido Sun Protection Cream, Neutrogena Dry Touch, Clarins, Belo, MAC Prep+Prime SPF50, and the latest addition to my never again list, Smashbox Photofinish. After all the hard work to get happy skin, I use sunblock for a day and hello blemishes. Argh.

4. NARS Lipstick in Honolulu Honey
Pretty, but after like 10 minutes it looks flakey. It's a struggle, but one day I will make this lipstick my friend, I promise.


1. NARS Multiple Tints in Turks and Caicos

This whole NARS obsession has got to stop but look how preeeeetty.

I know it looks crazy orange but when you swatch it it's kinda pinkish. And it's pretty sheer, but it does last. These multiple tints are limited edition, I believe, so it took all my remaining EQ not to get all three. The other two colors are Cadaques (pink) and Beverly Hills (red). They're both pretty but I felt Turks and Caicos was more unique. Off topic: Why are people not familiar with Turks and Caicos (or Tunisia, or St. Vincent and the Grenadines)? Don't they watch Miss Universe? And since I am already off on a tangent here did you know that Miss Mauritius Viveka Babajee of the "take it take it" scandal committed suicide? Tsk.

Anyhoo, this is the last NARS product. Or not. I'm eyeing an eyeshadow palette and a blush brush. But that's it, no more, I promise. Roight.

2. Scanned high school photo outbreak in Facebook
So one (presumably boring) night my high school batch mates suddenly started uploading grainy pictures on Facebook. It went on for a couple of days, and I'm guessing there are a few more waves of the epidemic before it dies down. I would love to upload a couple of pictures myself, but I'm lazy.

Now as much as I would like to say that high school was four years of fun, it wasn't. It's a roller coaster ride filled with cliques and drama and personality crises (and equations and experiments and dorm food), and I'm not really fond of roller coasters. But high school is also where I met some of the most wonderful people I know, so I guess it was worth it.

My random picture:

This was during our junior year retreat. The girls go in first, and we all remove one shoe and place it in this huge pile, and then the guys go in, pick a shoe, and that's your partner for the night. It was a pretty darn good idea, don't you think so?

Oh, and I still have that skirt. A bit snug, but it still fits. :p

3. And all other things nostalgic
- Boyband songs (LSS: What Good is a Heart with matching dance moves)
- Rewinding a casette tape using a ballpen so you don't use up your walkman's batteries
- Circus Charlie!

Best game ever. Did you finish the stage with the flying trapeze? Because I never did. Tsk.


  1. i want the peep toe pumps posted by chuvaness! and if the clothes fit me - i shall hoard. akala ko nagleave ka di pala? when are you going? sat?

  2. di ako pwede mag-leave!!!
    go back na lang on saturday with meeeeee!!!

  3. akin nalang yung nars mo!!!

  4. i'll work on my paper today and try to finish it! what time are you going on sat? si doti hapon pa pupunta e...