Fake Salt, Sure Seats, and the Human Bladder. Oh, and Inception.

First of all, if you plan to watch a blockbuster on a weekend, you have to visit sureseats.com. For twenty pesos which in today's economy is next to nothing, you get peace of mind and no stress at all.

So my sister and I decided to watch Inception. I'm not really a huge movie buff - I bailed on Avatar - but since Eugene claims that this one trumps The Matrix it became something I couldn't possibly pass up on. I reserved our tickets Saturday night and we had to leave home a bit earlier than usual today so we can go catch the movie.

It's a three-hour bus ride to Manila (thanks to the new SCTEX route), and normally they'd play a movie or two. Typically it'd be some random action flick featuring Jean Claude Van Damme or Steven Seagal, or Con Air which I must've seen at least twenty times, but sometimes I'd get lucky. Like one time they played LOTR2 and I almost missed my stop because I didn't want to leave because, well, they haven't won the war yet.

Well, today's movie happens to be Salt. As in Angelina Jolie's new movie that is not yet out in theaters. Lucky, huh? So I put away my iPod, whip out my glasses, and proceed to watch. In the movie Angelina Jolie is some sort of FBI detective person who somehow had to work in Montreal, Canada to catch this serial killer. Funny, from the trailers I somehow assumed she'd be some sort of spy. And that the movie would be a bit more action-packed than this one. And there'd be at least one scene with her wearing a wig. After a bit of googling I finally figured out why - we were watching Taking Lives, starring Angelina Jolie. Good heavens. They edited out the movie intro (as in the part in the beginning where they show the movie title and the top-billed cast) and replaced it with Salt, the sneaky bastards. It's the darndest thing, isn't it? I guess that's what you get for buying pirated DVDs.

Anyway, so after that failure of a bus movie, we get to TriNoMa and headed straight to the counters to get our tickets. I reserved them Saturday night, but you have to claim them 45 minutes before the movie starts else you forfeit the pretty damn good seats. And can I just say, this is probably the best twenty pesos I've ever spent. First, we avoided the really long lines because there's a dedicated counter for sureseats. Second, we got there a good two hours before the movie starts, and by that time there were no more seats available. Imagine our horrified faces had we not reserved the night before. I know I sound like a sureseats.com ad, but I'm just incredibly thankful.

If you haven't had the good fortune of watching Inception yet, may I suggest that you enter the movie house with an empty bladder, no drinks, and no food. The latter because the sound of your chewing may distract you from taking everything in. The former because, as we exited the cinema, there, by the side of the stairs, was a drinking cup full of yellow liquid. We can all hope it's Mountain Dew (or pineapple juice), or we can just take that as a testament of how insanely good the movie was.

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