Halftime Showtime

It's the second half of the year, and it's crunch time.

When I got back from the great adventure that is Japan, I gave myself six months to reboot, re-acclimate and re-connect with people. Now it's time to figure out where I'm headed.


This will have eyes rolling, but I can honestly say I love my current job. Primarily because I love my project, which I am very much attached to. And in the four years I've been with the company, I have continually been challenged to do things I never thought I could. But lately it's been getting kind of boring. I mean, sure, every day is still a struggle, but of the predictable kind. Before, I'd always look forward to going to work and discovering something new and amazing, but now the eureka moments are few and far between. I miss the satisfaction of being able to grasp a concept that minutes before seemed so complex and alien.

So I guess it's time to move on, and I'm giving myself six months to formulate a game plan.


I've been single for over a year, and I'm surprisingly OK with it. I do whatever I want, hang out with people I want to hang out with, and I can be as excellent as I can possibly be without having to worry about bruised egos.

I thought I'd have to do some sort of rebounding as proof I've moved on, but now that I think about it, that would actually be proof I haven't. And I also realized I'm far too self-centered to be looking out for other people, or at least right now I am. I'll do the whole relationship thing when I'm no longer selfish and shallow, but for now I'm enjoying chasing after whatever it is that catches my fancy. Plus, I need to find someone who's actually better and more kickass than me, for a change ;p

And the answer to the million dollar question why we broke up: It's because I've seen people crazy in love, and that's not what we had. A pity it took me four years to realize that, but hey, at least I had the balls to admit it.


Less shopping, more travel. But we'll see. ^^


  1. *hugs*

    always, to seek for higher things in life. :)

    i'll see you on sat! :)

  2. amen to more travel!!! come visit me na!

  3. pwede naman more shopping AND travel a!

  4. @chelo: na-miss ka namin nung saturday

    @sir gad: does the poke have something to do with job opportunities in the UK? :p

    @anj: one day madadalaw din kita promise!!!

    @dots: mmmnmn pwede kung may funds