Random Haul

Very little mall time this weekend. Saturday I went to Debid and Reizel's house warming in their gorgeous new condo (very very very jealous), and I spent the entire day today doing my laundry while waiting for my mom. But I still managed to get some shopping done. But of course.

Beauty Bar is on sale, so I dropped by.

I found this bag organizer which was going for 65% off.

It's actually pretty neat. While most bag organizers are like mini-bags with a lot of compartments, this is like a chain of pockets. This is what it looks like inside the schlepping bag:

Now if you're like me and your teeny stuff always get lost inside the abyss that is your bag (and yes, this happens even with the conventional bag organizer), this thing is a god send.

I skipped on the make-up because they're kinda iffy, like really really old stock.
But I did get this microfiber hair turban thing because it was only 300 Php from 1500 Php and I'm a sucker for things like that. And towels don't expire so even if this is five-year old stock I still don't mind.

And then I got random things elsewhere:

A swirly cup for mixing foundations and stuff. I got this from Gourdo's for only 20 Php.

Tea lights and strawberry aromatheraphy oil from some random stall.

An oil burner from The Body Shop. See, I live with people who smoke, and I really really abhor the smell of cigarette smoke, so I'm hoping this would help.

I got a tub of Mango Body Butter for 50% off because I have a Love Your Body card (you get 50% off on your second item with a purchase of any regular item). I do think Mango is the yummiest-smelling of all body butters but it's for very dry skin so it's too greasy for the body. However, my hands have been getting extra dry in the office so I figured I'd use it as a hand cream.

I bought a second Clippa for my mom, because I promised her I'd get her one. They're a bit expensive for bag holders, but they're extra nifty and much prettier, too.

And in the spirit of wardrobe change and shiz I bought a dress. For no reason other than I like the way it fits, and it has pockets! It's from the Ponds x Plains and Prints collaboration and it actually came with a free facial wash which is probably never going to get used just because Ponds and I, we're not really good friends.

Anyway, that's that. I have got to sleep. ^^


  1. mommy! i want that bag organizer! bili mo din ako pls pls pls?

  2. I should get me one of those bag organizers! :)

    And I love Mia Maison oils, too. My favorite is the fresh bamboo one.

  3. uy uy uy! i want the bag organizer too! meron kaya sa trinoma?

  4. @maymay: sige try ko. sana meron pa :D
    @teeyah: yes you should! really really nifty. :p i'll probably be stocking up on mia maison oils because i tried it last night and it smells so good.
    @joanna: di ako sure, sa gateway ko lang siya nakita eh hehehe

  5. saw the bag organizer na sa trinoma. pffft. parang hindi naman siya sinale. :(

  6. eh? nabilhan ko si maymay sa gateway nung weekend. sale pa din...

  7. @ella: pwede ako rin pabili? pretty pls with sugar on top?!?

    also, booo to your POND's x Plains and prints purchase. BOOO.

  8. @anj: try ko pero baka di na sale. ang late mo naman kasi tsk.

    AND, di ko naman alam na pond's yun ok. pag may olay collaboration, bibili din ako pwamish :D

  9. mas mabango ang essential oils namin! haha. bigyan kita! haha

    gusto ko din ng bag organizer na yan. ibigay mo na lang sakin yung kay maymay hahaha