Long Weekend

Yep, we get to have a long weekend even if Monday was reinstated as a working day. Holidays should be touch-move, you know?


Mini-Eliazo (my college dorm) reunion. After five years. It's so nice to see everyone again, and find out that we haven't changed one bit. We should do this more often; hopefully with better attendance next time. And invite our Cervini batchmates, too *waves at Kerwin*.


Thanksgiving party for Jakes, who passed the board exams. As if it's a surprise or anything.


Me-time with Hainanese Chicken rice, my Moleskine, and a good book.
There was also nausea and vomiting that I am attributing to caffeine withdrawal but let's not get into that.

The only thing missing is an M04 reunion. Tsk. :p