Major Major

Let us all be reminded that the first time the Philippines won the Ms. Universe crown was in 1969, the year man landed on the moon (if NASA is to be believed), and it was because Gloria Diaz outsmarted the competition. And by outsmart I mean she had a ready answer to a non-textbook question - nothing spectacular, but nothing major major either.

Apparently we've run out of Gloria Diazes. After the heartbreak that was Miriam Quiambao I have resigned myself to the fact that the only way to a Miss Universe title is via a translator - which is something the countless Miss Venezuelas and Rio Mori (special mention because the Macbook is named after her) have exploited and used to their advantage.

See, if Venus Raj had the liberty of using gayspeak Filipino, I believe her answer would be something akin to:

Never pa po ako nagkamali ng bonggang-bongga.

Less cringe-worthy, and actually a bit feisty, don't you think?
I would like to believe it's what she really wanted to say before she got all flustered. Of course the next issue would be how to translate it to something less... major major, but that wouldn't be her problem anymore, would it?

And I'm blogging about this at 1 in the morning because I've been watching Miss Universe since 1992 when Miss Namibia won, and yes, this affects me deeply (a couple of days ago my cousins and I were discussing how we should watch Miss Universe live at least once before we die).

I leave you with the most touching video ever. Seriously. Dama kung dama.


  1. of all the posts i've read about the major major incident, your (i believe) is just the best one i've read...

    btw, i got here from teeyah's site.

  2. @crickette: thanks!
    i've stumbled across your blog a couple of times, too (from teeyah din). ^^