By now you should know how this weekend would turn out.

Saturday was reserved for the Tokyo Game Show in Makuhari Messe, Chiba prefecture. We're the worst spectators ever, because we just took a peek and left. It's interesting in theory, but there were so many people and it's summer so the smell is not exactly pleasant, and I'm not exactly a hardcore gamer. And there's also a Mitsui outlet park nearby. Scantily clad girls and the latest gadgets and games or endless shopping opportunities with huge huge discounts?

The next day was Tokyo shopping - Shinjuku, Harajuku, Shibuya. Enough said.
We spent a couple of hours in Forever21 Harajuku. If you spend 4000 JPY or more you get to spin this wheel and you get a prize.

I got the FNO tote bag, yay. ^^

Anyhoo, so here's the damage.

1. I finally got rain boots!!! I actually gave up on them after the third attempt to order Plueys. Which is a good thing, I guess, because these are prettier and much more age-appropriate.

2. Studded white flats from some random store in Shibuya (I believe it was called Chille Anap, whatever that means).

3. Onitsuka Tiger flats.

4. Heels from H&M. I have been lusting after these last year, but I didn't get them because I have way too many shoes already. Not  that the situation has changed now, but I do need work shoes because I only brought one pair and they have now been destroyed. I didn't expect to find these heels still available, but I think this is the very last pair and it's my size, so thank you universe.

We all know I can't exactly leave F21 without a couple of rings. My favorite is the middle one, though, which I got from H&M, because it has joints and hinges and everything.

Clothes shopping is an epic fail; I only ended up with a cardigan and this romper:

My main issue with rompers is how the hell do you pee when wearing them without having to take everything off but this one's pretty and comfy so I figured what the hell I'll just wear them in places with pretty bathrooms.

It must've been some sort of shopping high, but we found these on sale somewhere along the streets of Shibuya, and somehow the idea of having reddish purple hair appealed to me so I got one box. I have been staring at it all morning, but, ummm, no.


  1. so this is the reason for the "to dye or not to dye" post.

    hmmm...i'm pretty scared to dye my own hair because i might not cover everything and end up with the left more colored than the right. hehe.

  2. ella bili mo ko ng h&m ring!!! size 8 ako!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    pretty please with sugar on top!?