I am the worst traveler ever

I've been spoiled rotten by the many business trips to Japan, which are the only times I've wandered out of the country prior to this. All I ever really have to is literally show up at the airport.

So today was a bit, umm, frenetic to say the least. When I woke up I had no money in US dollars (actually, I had no cash, period), no idea how to get to our hotel (no idea what it's called even), and to top it all off, I have not started packing. Long story short, at 4 in the afternoon I was doing a mad dash in Gateway to buy 1) US Dollars 2) contact lens solution and 3) a travel toothbrush. I boarded a cab 30 minutes later and the driver was telling me it's impossible to make it to the airport in time for my 7:30 flight. But we obviously did, with time to spare, but not without beating a couple of red lights and other such traffic violations.

And then, I completely forgot about that other tax you have to pay for, and I don't really have a habit of carrying a lot of pesos in my wallet, even when travelling, so long story short after all the taxes and fees and things I am left with zilch pesos. As in I didn't even have enough money to get myself a can of overpriced coke.

In the plane I found myself sandwiched between an OFW who was leaving the country for the first time and promptly started crying the moment the plane took off and a kuya with long hair, nose and ear piercings, and inked arms who drank three full glasses of red wine in flight and clapped his hands when the plane landed. And behind me was this kid who kept crying and kicking my seat. So yeah.

Oh, and I apologize for calling the JAL food meh. Because the food that PAL serves is, for lack of a better term, disgusting. Even the food I cook tastes better than that, and it is not swimming in oil. And I find the flight attendants a bit... abrasive, but I do think it's because I have gotten so used to the very mild-mannered JAL flight attendants. See? Spoiled rotten.

But the landing was pretty good, though. My mom says PAL has good pilots, so maybe she's right. So yeah, I've landed. In Bangkok. The whole airport thing was a breeze, and the taxi driver did not ask for additional tip. Yay me. ^^

Longchamp Love

I've developed quite an attachment to Longchamp bags ever since I got the schlepping bag. It held up surprisingly well to all the torture I inflicted upon it, including being checked-in during a flight from Tokyo to Manila with quite unfortunate weather. I wouldn't say it's as good as new but it still looks pretty damn good.


Yep. You've already met the schlepping bag and the Charles Anastase narcolepsy bag. The schlepping bag is from the Planetes line; the Charles Anastase is a limited edition Le Pliage from 2009. The other two are Les Pliages in the Spring/Summer 2010 colors. I got so giddy when I found them in Narita airport (all other Longchamp stores were carrying the Fall/Winter 2010 colors which are rather dull and dreary) that I had to force myself to leave the store to breathe and think really long and hard about which ones to purchase. I ended up getting two in Rosalie and Citrine.

The large one I had to use immediately to put my stuff in because I exceeded the check-in limit (I promise this will never happen again ever ever ever), and I chose to transfer my things because the overbaggage fee is more expensive than the bag! I knew overbaggage fees are expensive but I wasn't expecting them to be shockingly so! I ended up with 5 pieces of carry-on luggage but they did let me check-in two more bags at the boarding gates for free. Yep, the new bag got checked-in with the schlepping bag as well (she survived unscathed save for a couple of dirty marks that came off easily with wet wipes).

I'm pretty sure I should be banned from buying any more Longchamp bags, or any bag for that matter, for the rest of the year. But, eh, four is not a good number. :p


There is way too much good stuff in here for one blog post so I had to pick out the best of the best of the best.

Like Super Mario wall decals, which I am going to get once I have moved out of the ghetto.

Or the dot matrix wallet.

And the iPhone app ref magnets

And the binary clock

And the circuit board clipboard

And last but not least, ang mug ng tunay na lalaki.

Dahil ang tunay na lalaki, vi ang gamit na pang-code.

Pahabol: Caffeine molecule necklace!!! Super like!!!