Doctor's Orders

It happens even to the best.

Or so the opthalmologist says, I assume in an attempt to comfort me after seeing the horrified look on my face. "It" refers to bacterial keratitis, which she described to me as a very little teeny tiny growth on my right cornea, with a potential to get bigger. Now I don't know about you, but the only thing that registered is "growth".

While I'm not exactly OCD about it, but I do think I'm a careful contact lens wearer. I use disposable lenses that are 60% water (Biomedics), I always, always take them off before going to bed, and I replace my contact lens solution bottles every two months.

But, eh, shit happens. I can only be thankful that I decided to err on the side of caution and took a half day off to visit the doctor. My right eye has been acting up since Saturday; opening it was like staring at the sun. So I skipped contacts for two days, and it was fine again. I went back to contacts yesterday, and a couple of hours after I removed them the right eye was back to vampire mode again. Which brings us to the doctor's office, and the bacterial keratitis.

If I had googled this before my check-up I probably wouldn't have waited a couple of days before visiting the doctor, because apparently it can be blinding. Almost half of the reported cases are contact lens wearers, and symptoms include light sensitivity.

Anyhoo, the doctor prescribed some antibacterial drops, and I am on a contact lens hiatus until I can visit her again for a follow-up, which would be a month from now. The drops cost almost a hundred bucks per mL, and wearing glasses is extremely extremely inconvenient, but hey, my vision is priceless.

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