The Return of the Manila Sleeve

Remember when I wanted a Macbook Air because I fell in love with the Manila sleeve?

As much as I like the new MacBook Air I just couldn't find any use for it. Maybe if I had an iMac and would like something more portable for travel, but I have a MacBook and it's quite perfect for me (but if someone were to give me a MacBook Air that'd be a different story altogether).

What I do have is a Kindle. Well technically I don't have it yet - it is en route to Japan and we have yet to meet. But the point is:

The thing is, this retails for 22 dollars at Not sure if it's worth it, considering you can get the real deal for less than 20 *pesos*.


Cushioned mailers, from your friendly neighborhood bookstore. The inside is lined with bubble wrap, which means they are every bit as functional when it comes to protecting your Kindle from the abusive environment that is your bag. And so much cooler, too.

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