10 Things I Learned in Bangkok

1. When everyone starts to get off the train, consider getting off too.

masaya pa kami dahil di pa kami nawawala

2. There are a dozen ways to make your already spicy food even more spicy.

spicy kung spicy

3. You can even make guava spicy.

spicy guava thing

4. Pad Thai tastes different in each restaurant you visit.

pad thai (mas sushal this time)

5. Frothy milk tea = happiness


6. I am no cultural tourist - I can visit one temple and be done with it.


7. To get the most out of the discounts you have to bring 5 friends with you. Or bring one friend and get 3 pieces each.

8. Anj wins the best in hotel reservation award and because of that, we will never travel without her ever again.

view from the hotel at night

9. A trip can never be a failure as long as I'm with my girls.

distorted elevator pic

10. And yes, we are mean and are unapologetically so, but hey, at least we own it.



  1. yes do not travel without me, mwehehehe! HONGKONG NA TO LESSGO!!!

  2. let's set na a target date! :)