Waking up on the right side of the bed

Finally, Sleep Cycle supports iPod Touch and I couldn't be happier.


You know how sometimes you feel like you've been literally jolted awake (think Inception "kick") by your alarm clock and you are sluggish and cranky and bitchy all day because of it? Sleep Cycle supposedly eliminates this by tracking your sleep pattern using your iPhone's (and now iPod Touch's :p) accelerometer and waking you up when you're in your light sleep phase. The idea is, waking up during your lightest sleep phase feels most natural, like you're waking up without an alarm, as opposed to being woken up during REM sleep (deep sleep), which turns on the zombie mode. Now the lightest sleep phase doesn't always coincide with the set alarm time (which is actually the whole point of this app), so there is a 30-minute window (which I think you can change the length now). Let's say you set the alarm at 7:00, and by 6:45 you hit your light sleep phase, then the app will wake you up at 6:45. If within the 30-minute window you are in deep sleep, the app will have no choice but to wake you up anyway.

Does it really work? From my experience, it really does! The only times the alarm failed me was whenever I am completely zonked out, and well, I can't really blame the app, can I? I wish I could show you my sleep charts (the app provides graphs of your sleep patterns) - you could tell which days are full of stress because I literally flatlined - but they got erased along with the other contents of the iPhone lest I accidentally provide my mother with data I don't intend for her to see.

This was previously an iPhone-only application - I think they had issues with the iPod Touch because they can't turn off the screen while the app is active - and if there's one thing that made me regret trading in my iPhone 3G for a Blackberry bold and a 4th generation iPod touch it's this.

Obviously I can't recommend this enough. It's not free, but for a fraction of the price of a Starbucks Latte you eliminate grumpy mornings. Or most of them at least.

(You can get more info here).

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