The Weekend, and then some

First, say hello to my two new babies.


While the techie in me is happy to have two new gadgets to play with, I am kinda feeling sentimental about replacing my iPhone 3G. If my mom hasn't been hinting on me getting a new phone and giving her the iPhone we probably would still spend a good year together. I'd happily use it until it conks out on me, because it's been a wonderful wonderful device.

To be honest, I still think iPhone4 trumps iPod Touch (4G) + Blackberry Bold 9700, except in one key area - battery life. Now I can play all the games I want without worrying about draining my phone battery. But it hasn't been smooth sailing with the BB, especially after this:


What sort of language is Japaneese? I know I'm nitpicking but I can't help it.

Anyhoo, on to the weekend. Friday night was a self-declared no-OT night and we trooped to Megamall to visit the newly-opened Cerealicious, in the spot where the ice skating rink used to stand.

I've never really tried Cerealicious because I don't have much of a sweet tooth, but in this branch they serve meals too. I had the cereal-crusted shrimp and it was yummy but my BB camera phone failed me tsk.


This is my officemate's, but I had to take a picture because it was way prettier than mine haha. It took me years to decide on what to get. I think it's because there were too many options so it's hard to pick one out. I ended up doing the create-your-own thing.


Cornflakes + Peaches + Blueberry jam + a scoop of Vanilla ice cream in a huge tub of ice and snow milk. Goodbye diet, hello sugar rush.

Saturday I was supposed to shop for office shoes and then meet up with Pau and the GU people to see The Social Network. I scoured all the shoe stores at Edsa Shang, no dice. I did manage to get an Aquazorb towel, because Chelo says I should have one for when I travel. I had it initialed, just because.


After the shopping failure that was Shang I headed to Rockwell to meet Pau, and to drop by the bazaar and see our college friend and dorm mate Jackie, who is one of the brains behind Suelas, a line of foldable, rollable flats. Now I'm in the middle of this huge flats addiction, so yep, I got myself a pair.


I like that they come all bundled up in this neat little bag. It's perfect for when you're wearing heels and you want to bring an emergency back-up pair for when your feet go comatose. I'll definitely bring these with me on my next business trip to Tokyo and then maybe my feet don't have to die a little each day with all the walking I do.


I was lucky enough to nab the last pair of grey/white brogues in my size (apparently they sold like hotcakes because by the time we got there they were out of several colors and models and sizes). We tried asking Jackie for a discount but in the end we just made her richer tsk. ;p

I also found the prettiest prettiest pair of silver studs from Tawid silver.


I am thinking of getting a back-up already.

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