Random Japan Things

1. Coke is ridiculously overpriced in Tokyo, but that doesn't stop me from buying it. Especially since they have the cutest bottle ever.


2. Cold Stone! I don't have much of a sweet tooth but Cold Stone makes me happy. Maybe it's the singing staff with their chipmunk voices. I always make it a point to try the seasonal flavors. Last summer it was peach, this time it's earl grey tea. Love.

coldstone: sweet berry tea cakethe ice cream is earl grey flavor :D

3. Went back to Hakkejima Sea Paradise. The last time I was there was during my first trip to Japan in 2007. This time I wasn't going to leave without getting to touch the Beluga, and I did, after ten years of waiting. Pfffft.


4. Hirama Bridge. I barely ever use this route going to and from the mothership office. Never mind the savings on train fare - it's a two kilometer walk! But the weather was great and I was wearing flats and the view is awesome, so eh, some things you've got to do from time to time.

hirama bridge :D


5. G-tech pens. Here they're called Hi-Tech C. And you can have DIY multi-colored pens! You can also add a pencil cartridge and even a Nintendo DS stylus, because they are awesome like that.

G-tech yay :D

6. Yakiniku!!!


7. Anj's Muse Bag ;p


8. Lanvin x H&M. No dice. I was there a couple of days after the launch and there was still a lot of stuff. For a country that is capable of clearing up the counters of limited edition stock in half a day, this was shocking.

Lanvin x H&M.Naloka ang mannequin dahil walang bumili kahit limited edition

9. What's a trip without a bottle of Cassis?


10. Ippudo Ramen. Chock full of things that will clog your arteries, but so totally worth it :p

ippudo (salamat kay gerome at sa himala ng langit)

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