In Japan I would always YouTube (well of course it's a verb, or if it's not, it's about to be one) when I'm bored and I can't leave the house due to laziness bad bad weather. Of course back there, I click on a video and in a second or two it plays uninterrupted. Here in the third world I click on a video, do my laundry, run errands, have lunch, and by the time I get back *maybe* it has finally loaded.

Long story short, I don't get to YouTube as much these days which is a shame. I'm missing out on a lot of stuff - old Japanese game shows, ANTM episodes, and Michael Fajatin (best reporter to ever walk the planet). Oh, and makeup tutorials and haul videos. Be warned, though, that these are extremely enabling and trigger extreme lemming for stuff; after a couple of videos I am almost always rushing to Shinjuku (then) or EDSA Shang (now) for an item I feel I simply must have because the makeup guru said so.

Anyhoo, a couple of things I picked up from YouTube I just thought I'd share:

1. Squeaky clean make-up brushes

From the epic Michelle Phan.
All you need is extra virgin olive oil and antibacterial dishwashing liquid. I thought I'd give it a try since we have a huge gallon of olive oil in the kitchen.
What you do is you squirt some dishwashing liquid on to a plate, and then add a couple of drops of olive oil, and you use this to wash your brushes - you swipe your brush once or twice across the mixture, lather it up on your palm, rinse off, and dry flat on a towel. Easy peasy.

Previously I used baby shampoo but it's so difficult to get stuff out - NARS blushes are doom on white brushes. But with this one everything just slides off and the brushes turn out super soft. And for fluffy brushes, brush guards really make a difference. I would have used one for  each brush but I seem to have lost a couple so only the MAC ones get to have brush guards hehehe.

2. Brush Holder

The original idea is from EnKore, I believe, and while he may be a bit difficult to watch a times, the brush holder is preeeeeeetty.

The video has been around for a billion years but it took me forever to find the little white things. I finally located them somewhere in the arts and crafts section of Tokyu Hands in Shinjuku, and I had them shipped back to the Philippines when I went home because I wasn't sure I'd find them here (and they're a wee bit pricey too).

To be perfectly honest I have no idea what I need two dozen makeup brushes for but at least they're soft and pretty and clean. ^^

Me, Four Years Ago

I just stumbled upon my old blog. I happen to think it's a pretty good read :p

1. On work:
regardless of what other people say, i think i'll like it there. so it's stressful. fine. i'd take stressful over a no-brainer anytime.

Mmm, still true, most of the time.

2. Lemming:

Hot pink Macbook Pro. I've had two MacBooks since then, but none are pink. Tsk tsk.

3. On Japlish:

so now i have project dinners and group meetings and video conferences with japanese engineers. of course i had no idea what they are saying so i just sit there and keep nodding. i guess after a couple more video conferences they will sound more fluent to me.

Well whaddya know, they do sound so much more fluent now. :p

4. On commuting:

i just hate the bitch of a commute. first, i have to walk to the mrt station, which takes me around 15 minutes (half an hour in heels). although i do like walking in the morning, i'm not so big on encountering dogs. and it's dog city out there. this morning, i came across a total of sixteen dogs, TEN of which i saw all AT THE SAME TIME. wow, a dog barkada! thank god i was a few meters away when they started barking. maybe it's the morning dog fight club. and then, in the evenings, there are the usual construction workers and sari-sari store tambays. give me rabid dogs anytime. the train rides are uneventful - i go against the flow of rush hour traffic. although it's kinda weird the way there are a bazillion people on the other side of the tracks while i'm all alone on the opposite side. i feel like i have to wave to them or something. heheheh. and then there's the shuttle from quezon ave to eastwood which is sometimes there, sometimes not. ack.

Now I take a cab teehee.

5. Last but not least:

on a lighter note, 102 pounds na lang ako. from almost 130! ^^ nyaknyaknyak.

Ah, 102 pounds. nuninuninooo...


There's this group in Facebook called Overheard at the Ateneo de Manila University which you should definitely check out if you're an Atenean. Or if you're bored. ^^

Anyway, there's this one post that I swear to God is the funniest thing I have ever come across in a looooong time. Like I stumbled upon it two days ago and I'm still laughing, and I'd probably still be laughing for next few weeks. Or years.

The original post is here, but in summary, this guy texted his groupmate to prepare a "ppt" presentation for class, and the next day he shows up with puppets. I don't even have to comment - it's hilarious on its own.

#I'm blogging about it to get it out of my system but that's not working because I am laughing again

Long Time, No Blog

Just really busy with work. And, err, shopping. I think I'm slowly but surely getting the hang of things. I'm actually enjoying work now. I mean, sure, everyday is a 14-hour work day and I get home each night on the verge of collapsing. But now I'm doing some coding, which I loooove, and the people I work with are hilarious. And they provide me with TBBT and HIMYM episodes hehehehe.

I've discovered the secret to a perfectly productive workday.
1. Lorenzo von Matterhorn, i.e. a really really good cup of coffee

It makes a world of a difference.
My magic formula is: Starbucks Verona + Muscovado sugar + Soy Milk. Loooove.

2. Fully-loaded iPod.

So I can forget about the goddamned traffic and block out whatever junk comes out of the cab's speakers. And songs from high school never fail to make me smile. Especially when I remember saving money so I can buy an Arkarna cassette tape. Hahahah cassette tape.

3. Bangaw shades. Self-explanatory.

Oh, and for Lent, I'm giving up Coke.
I've been Coke-free since Monday!

Side-story: My officemate, let's call him Mark, decided it's his chance to torture me and proceeded to drink an entire can of Coke (complete with the ahhhhhhhh and what seemed like a billion burps) during lunch. The next day he had acid-peptic disease and the nurse had to take him to the hospital. Karma's a bitch, no?


I stumbled upon this as I was cleaning out my drawer yesterday (side note: I am extremely thankful I had enough foresight to clean my room because this week is going to be one hell of a mess).

I found it taped to my computer monitor on my very first birthday at work, from the people I worked with on my very first project (which is actually still my project). Of the twelve people who signed, four have moved on elsewhere. But it's nice to be reminded of the original team once in a while.

You can never have too many things to smile about every morning.


14 months of shopping in Japan and I forget to buy a Pullip doll.
Ang bobo ko lang.

I grew up with Barbie, and she still holds a special place in my heart, but the harsh harsh reality is she will never be this pretty.

I also like this Marie Antoinette one:

And I know everyone is so tired of vampires these days but this is pretty too:

#Images from this site.

The Little Phone that Could (and other random stuff)

My iPhone has a frenemy:

I've always hated shopping for an office-compliant phones because let's face it, the only phones with no camera are so ugly they're depressing.

Thankfully I came across the ultimate office phone:

Introducing the Cherry Mobile P1, a mobile phone so devoid of features it doesn't even come with a manual. It can call, it can text (and is surprisingly good at it), and that, my friends, is the extent of its services. It's also cute as a button and could pass for a calculator. And the interface is unpretentious and stress-free. I'm calling her Penny.

Now on to other stuff, because it's been a while since I posted a haul :p

NARS Sheer Glow foundation, which came with a free mini lip gloss duo in Strip Tease and Dolce Vita, courtesy of Lara (NARS Edsa Shang). It's pretty good but I've only had it for a week so we'll see.

Scandalously pink glittery flats. ^^

And yet another pair of flats, this time from the kids section. I have no idea why they have it in my size (they even have it in a much bigger size) but I'm not complaining because children's shoes are way cheaper.

What the Dog Saw, by Malcolm Gladwell, shown here with other crap I carry in my purse everyday. My hunch is I've read most of the articles here online (as per Sir Gad's advice), but reading it on print is so much better than from a computer monitor (which is why I'm still interested in the overpriced Kindle). I like Malcolm Gladwell; he makes the most mundane everyday things interesting.

Last, but not least, my sister managed to unearth this back at home while looking for God knows what:

Now this was made when I was in high school, so the songs are half-teenybopper half-poser. :p
I do still like them, though.

Dear Ara Mina

Please stick to showbiz.

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Food Trip kung Food Trip

Pepper Lunch Shang
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UP Isaw

Roasted Rabbit (don't ask)

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