No-EQ Saturday

Which shouldn't really come as a surprise.

I met up with Chelo and Doti for dinner at TriNoMa, but before that I had to go to Edsa Shang because I was running seriously low on my moisturizer and to be without one is a scary scary thought.

So I go to the MAC counter, and I noticed that the one they had was still in the old packaging (the white boring one as opposed to the overly shiny blue one). Now I've been using MAC Lightful for over a year now, and even then when I first bought it I got the one in the new packaging. Granted I was in Japan, and it probably takes a while before the Philippines would catch up, but it's been a year, so that would mean that any product in the old packaging was more than a year old. Eeek. So I proceeded to inquire (and can I just say, it takes a really long time to get assistance in the MAC counter if you're in shorts and flipflops and do not look like you have the financial capability to purchase the entire store - staff included). And the nice makeup artist, GV, who assisted me before, wasn't there tsk tsk.

Me: Why is the Lightful cream still in the old packaging?
Staff A: No ma'am, that's the real packaging
Me: Really? Because mine is blue and white like the rest of the Lightful products
(The other products were in the new packaging)
Staff A: Where did you get yours?
Me: Japan
Staff A: Ah, kaya. They have different packaging in Japan

Since I was desperate I decided to get the moisturizer anyhow, and this time a different staff was assisting me, and when he handed me the box:

Staff B: Ma'am, here it is. We have a new packaging now.

Haysh. And then since I'm there already I figured I'd get the Microfine Refinisher because I needed an exfoliator and it's a pretty good one (I need an exfoliator because I still don't have a replacement brush head for my Clarisonic, hello Maymay).

Me: I'm getting this one (points to the Microfine Refinisher) na din
Staff B: Ay ma'am, wala na po kaming stock niyan
Me: (super disappointed) Kelan pa kayo magkaka-stock?
Staff B: *shakes his head*
Me: Never?!?
Staff: Two years na po kami walang stock niyan
Me: *shocked face*
Staff: Sa abroad po siguro, meron pa, pabili na lang kayo
Me: *permanent state of shock*

Anobuzz. So now I have to get my officemates in Japan to buy MAC stuff for me. I just hope he finds it hehehehe. I did give pretty clear directions to MAC Shinjuku together with pictures.

Anyhoo, so I went to TriNoMa and we had dinner at Fish and Co. and we saw How to Tame Your Dragon in 3D. It might be the 3D glasses but I swear the 3D-ness is so much better than Alice in Wonderland. Oh, and the movie is surprisingly good, and thankfully the noisy kid in the back managed to shut up (at the start of the movie, he was shouting "ay! ang lapit nung number 1" and other comments about how things appeared to be really close).

The movie finished around 9, right in the middle of Earth hour so the mall was quite dim. I know they couldn't shut down all the lights, but they could've turned off the damn carousel. We still had some time before closing, so we decided to look for shoes for Chelo because she needed closed shoes. But she hated the idea of closed shoes so obviously she didn't get to buy anything. So guess who went home with a paper bag?

I have no idea when I would get to wear them but they're really cute. And the material is canvas and these are ankle boots, so I can wear them in Manila and not die of heat stroke. And they look flat, but they have two or three-inch heels inside so in effect my feet look smaller and I look taller yay.

I first saw this when I went to The Block but I didn't get them then because I bought something else. But this was the very last pair in the store, and when I asked them to check in other branches, they were sold out too, so I had to get it. Right? Right? Right?

Chelo: Bilin mo na
Doti: Bilin mo na
Me: Mahaaaaaal...
Doti: Baka meron sa Singapore, pabili mo kay Anj
Me: Nge, pano kung bilin niya para sa kanya?
Chelo: Oo nga!
Me: *pikit mata* Sige kunin ko na
And that's why, for the month of April, I am on a shopping ban, with the exception of the following items which I need to get:
- Eye cream (when I run out of the MAC Fast Response one - useless, but expensive, so I'm using it all up)
- Undereye concealer (I was supposed to get one from MAC but I forgot because I was too stunned, see story above)

The credit card is going to stay home.

MAC Lightful Deep Ultramoisture Cream

Is the best moisturizer in the world, hands down.

For me, at least. I've been through three tubs and I just bought my fourth one, so I guess that says a lot about how much I like it. Although me hitting pan on skin care is quite normal, I very rarely buy the same thing afterwards, because I usually get bored. For reference, my skin type is combination, but I'm prone to dry patches near my jaw.

The Good:
+ It's in gel form so it's lightweight and your skin absorbs it in seconds
+ It smells clean, which I find is the case for most MAC products
+ It's very moisturizing, although it probably won't cut it in subzero temperature. But it's good enough for summer, spring, and fall
+ It's made in Japan

The Bad:
- It's quite pricey (around 2200PHP eeeeeek)

The Ugly:
x No pump, or at the very least a spatula. I hate scooping things out of tubs. Especially face products.

Possible dupes:
- Clinique Moisture Surge, but this one has a slightly greasy after feel
- Celeteque Moisturizer, but I find that this one is not as moisturizing


Random Japanese Gadget of the Day

It's no secret that I'm prone to losing things so I *think* I need this:
(From JapanToday)

The Loc8tor uses flashing lights and ET-style bleepy noises to help navigate you to within an inch of whatever you’ve lost, and with a maximum range of over 120 meters, it might even come in useful when you’re trying to remember where you parked your car.

The only problem is if I lost the handset, but I guess I can get another Loc8tor for the handset, and then another one for that Loc8tor, and then another one...
(Full article here)

My HS Valedictorian can kick your HS Valedictorian's Ass

Unless we are batchmates :p

I remember one time I sat beside Reinabelle in our junior year Math class. She dozed off during the lecture, and then when it was recitation time she woke up and promptly raised her hand. I looked at her, startled, and she shrugged and said "para matuto" and proceeded to solve some random trigonometry problem on the board. Correctly, of course.

What can I say, this is the same girl who was speaking of infinitesimal time intervals when the rest of us mortals were struggling with, well, high school stuff.

So this came as no surprise:

A new study confirming the existence of dark matter and dark energy, as first proposed by Albert Einstein, is rocking the world of astrophysics. That study, to appear in the journal Nature this week, was done by a team headed by Ateneo alumna Reinabelle Reyes, an astrophysicist based at Princeton University in New Jersey.

I'd say it's about time. ^^
(Read about it here and here)


Yay, I'm home.

Manila has been grating on my nerves lately with the relentless summer heat, the traffic, and the presidential ads. And I've been missing Tokyo - the cool weather, the trains that are always on time, and the shopping *sigh*.

So I decided to go home. The heat is still unbearable, but the nights are pleasantly cool and the food is wonderful and I can sleep all day. We always have dinner at the "farm" which is what we've been calling my "house". It's located a couple of minutes away from the city, and although the entrance to the subdivision is right along the highway it is surrounded by farms so it feels quite provincial for the lack of a better term. My mom has been planting whatever she can get her hands on all over the yard - eggplants, mangoes, tomatoes, and this morning a friend gave her a jackfruit plant. And then my brothers have been collecting pets like they were action figures - we have ducks, a turkey, a pair of rabbits, two puppies and a dog, and a couple of cats but they're probably strays but we feed them anyways. And now they want a hamster. And an aviary! I drew the line at aviary because birds are noisy as hell. And I don't like birds. I'd much rather have a koi pond. Or an aquarium.

We have dinner in the yard because the house itself isn't furnished. It's quite pleasant save for the fact that my legs are riddled with mosquito bites after (I have since then learned to always wear jeans). Oh, and when you look up the sky is littered with stars. See, if it was like this in Manila, I would not have to go shopping.

Which reminds me, yesterday I had dinner with Dots and Rachelle and Chubs in Eastwood, and I bought pretty pretty shoes (I'll post a picture later) yay. I'm not entitled to shop because last week was relatively stress-free, but I've been eyeing that pair for a really long time, and I don't want to regret not getting them the way I did when I passed up on the pretty heels from Aldo (I am still hoping I'd get my hands on those, and it's been more than a year).

Anyhoo, my brother has to use the PC tsk tsk tsk.

P.S. For the adoptive parents of my adopt a kikay kit project, could you please e-mail me your contact details (my e-mail address is this blog's URL minus the at I'll try to send them next week. My apologies for the delay.

Snip Snip Snippets

I can't sleep. Probably because I didn't come home dead tired today - I have this training thing so a huge part of the day was spent on lectures and group discussions which are infinitely less stressful than project issues. That said I do miss working on my project.

Yesterday I decided to have my hair cut so I went to Toni and Jackey. I figured I'd be adventurous this time. And guess what? I had the same darned hair cut again. But, see, it works for me, it really does, especially when it's done right. And as for the salon, cute hair stylist aside, it's a bit overpriced and the service is quite horrendous.

I guess I'll just stick to Soiree. Once you get over the cheesy name, it's actually a pretty darn good salon. At most there would be two other clients apart from me, so it's never crowded, and the staff is never ever ever pushy. And it's quiet and peaceful and the stylist does it right. And it's pretty cheap too. My only beef is that it's a wee bit inaccessible, but, well, that is also why it's never crowded.

Oh, and my skin is going bonkers due to too much sun exposure. My face hates sun screen so it's acting up, and I'm thisclose to another bout with skin asthma. Tsk tsk tsk.

I'm sleepy now. ^^

The Schlepping Bag Goes to the Beach

Day trip to Potipot Island, Zambales with officemates. We left Manila around midnight so there weren't too many people when we got there.

The island is tiny and you can explore its entirety in a matter of minutes. It's probably not good for swimming because the water is already very deep just a couple of meters from the shore, but I don't really care because I don't swim anyways. And there are a lot of fishes near the shore and you can lure them in with bread.

Oh, and finally I got to wear the beach stuff I bought more than a year ago hahaha.

And I did some shameless camwhoring with Tin's Powershot D90. I have got to buy this camera. I wish they would roll out a new one already.

Of course I had to wear shades :p
Underwater camwhoring is not as easy as it looks! But I think I managed pretty well.

Not bad for my first beach outing in a long long looooong time.

Adopt a Kikay Kit

As I mentioned in the previous post, I'm putting a couple of my babies up for adoption. I just think it's nice to be randomly nice. And I do need to de-clutter. ^^

I'm not sure how it's gonna turn out, but anyways, if you want something, drop me a line, and you can have it, unless someone got to it first. And you have to shoulder the shipping if it has to be shipped.

The two foundations are the product of stress-shopping back when I was in Japan. I'd say they're around the MAC NC30-35 shade range. And then the three cream blushes I ordered online. All are barely used, hence the guilt whenever I see them rolling around my make-up drawer.

1. cK Treatment Liquid Foundation SPF20 PA++ in 106 deep ocher

2. Shiseido Maquillage Lasting Liquid UV Foundation in Beige Ochre 20

3. NYX Cream Blush in Glow

4. NYX Cream Blush in Red Cheeks

5. Stila Color Push-ups in Fuschia Flash

And that's that. ^^
P.S. The MAC Prep and Prime was excluded because I realized there's not much product left x.x


Let's start with Friday. Lunch with Chelo in Eastwood, finally!!! No pictures, but we ate in Momo, and man, do they have huge servings. And we ordered two entrees so you can imagine our horrified faces when the food came. Unfortunately I couldn't go shopping with her because I have to go back to work pffffft.

Saturday I spent the entire afternoon waiting for my cabinet to be assembled. I ordered it three weeks ago from SM, and they delivered the PARTS last week, and I had to wait for yet another week before it can be assembled by this guy named Lhenard. No kidding.

I actually considered assembling the whole thing myself when I received this text message but I haven't the faintest idea how. On a different note, in my reply you can see my iPhone's annoying attempt to auto-correct: lng -> Lang. I've had it for more than a year and it still hasn't learned the darn word when it only took my Motorola less than a day. What an idiot.

Anyhoo, moving on. My friend Tin was in Manila so my sister and I met up with her for dinner and then we watched Alice in Wonderland in TriNoMa. Oh, and thank goodness for - we got pretty good seats AND we got to watch it in 3D yay!

Normally I'd go with Johnny Depp, but Helena Bonham Carter is just pure genius in this movie. I actually felt sad when her Jabber-baby-wocky died. Off with their heads!

On to Sunday. I spent the entire day ironing clothes. Gaaaahk. I hate hate hate ironing. But I have no more excuses to not iron since I have so much more space now, with the new closet and all.

Anyway, I had dinner with Tin again and I did a tiny bit of shopping to reward myself hehehe.

Disclaimer: Three of these I got last week - the brush cleaner, Fix+, and Studio Fix Powder because I tanned so I'm now an NC35. Today I just got the Cleansing Oil. I have tried the Shu Uemura one, and as much as I tried to love it, I just don't. But I do like the concept so I'm trying this one out because I find that MAC skin care agrees with me.

I finally caved and bought NARS Orgasm.

I like that none of my NARS blushes look alike. ^^
(L-R Orgasm, Exhibit A, Desire)

Oh, and I am now on my fourth bag of ground coffee. This Lorenzo thing is getting pretty addicting. But it makes for pleasant mornings so I'm not complaining.

Last but not least, I'm putting a couple of my babies up for adoption. Please take them off my hands.

MAC Prep + Prime Sunblock SPF50, NYX cream blush in Glow, and NYX cream blush in Red Cheeks. If you want them you can have them unless someone got to them first.

So that's that. Have a great week, everyone. ^^