Dear Fitness First

I realize you have to play really loud music to get the fellas moving and the calories burning.
But the noise blasting from your speakers can be heard all the way to Japan. Before it was just the bass, and I guess we all can do with a little bit of "tugsh tugsh" during those long dreary meetings. But it's a bit difficult to be taken seriously, by the Japanese, no less, when I do my status reports with Love Drunk playing in the background.

And while we are on the subject of music, why on earth would you be exercising to the tune of Metallica's Enter Sandman?

Just sayin.

The Blog Post...

...where I talk about things other than shoes, bags, make-up, skincare, Apple products, or Animal Planet.






Nope, not happening. :p
But let's do random things.

1. So this manwhore slut good friend of mine tells me my longtime crush love object of affection is bisexual. Enter the double standard - if a girl is bisexual, I think it's kinda hot. But if a guy is bisexual, *shattering glass*. My officemates tell me I think like a man. Ick. My IQ just dropped by a hundred. But I am seriously seriously heartbroken.

2. Dear PETA, my friend is of the opinion that only leather goods are worth buying because "at least 'pag leather, buhay ang kapalit!"

3. Is it just me, or does the king of England in Robin Hood look like Craig David?

4. Project-appropriate outfit, courtesy of Looklet and Jeremy Scott for Adidas. Colorbars FTW.

5. So my officemate, a straight dude (if he is to be believed), opens his drawer, and pulls out a spankin' new tube of Olay Regenerist Cream Cleanser. Tears of laughter. A couple of weeks ago it was a Garnier Roll-on Eye Pen. I still haven't figured out if he's just messing with us but I guess we'll find out in a couple of weeks if he suddenly exhibits glowing skin with less eyebags.

Cheap Thrills, and then some

I couldn't find anything I liked so I ended up shopping in the department store. ^^
I only got a couple of things but they're all pretty neat.

First I stumbled upon a really pretty bag organizer. I've been meaning to get one for the longest time - my bag is a black hole - but most of the ones I come across are really depressing.

I'm glad I found this one before my schlepping bag comes home (wink wink). I wish it had handles, but for 130PHP I don't think I should be complaining.

And then lookie what I found as I was paying for stuff:

I immediately grabbed one (it took some time because I never get the product in front; I always always have to get one from the back - do you do that too?) and paid for it, no thinking, swatching, reading descriptions. I've been lemming for this for the looooongest time.

It's supposedly a dupe of the NARS Orgasm/Laguna duo, for a fraction of the price - the NARS duo retails for around 35USD, this retails for 3USD (here in the Third World, it retails for 250PHP which is around 5USD - outrageous markup but what can you do).

But don't get your hopes up because I am telling you it's not. I can't really vouch for Laguna, but the blush most certainly is not a NARS Orgasm dupe.

The shade is just off.

For comparison, that's NARS Orgasm at the bottom, elf is on the right, and that's MAC Shy Beauty on the left. See how crazy different the shades are? And the difference is even more pronounced when you swatch them (I tried to take photos, I really did, but they suck) - whereas the MAC one is a pretty pinky-peach and the NARS one is peachy-pink the elf one turns into this ruddy reddish color which is  very different from the color on the pan - some mineral blushes do this too (turn ruddy red) and they say it's because of the pigments used.

BUT to be fair, the product never claimed to be a NARS dupe. And the quality of the packaging and the pigmentation of the blushes is insane considering the price. So what I'm saying is, if you're planning to get this because you are lemming for NARS Orgasm but is a bit short on cash, you will be very disappointed, so just wait a little longer until you have saved up for the real deal. But if you want a blush and bronzer set to play around with, this is so worth it.

Last but not least, I got these Marionnaud brushes from Watson's.

I got the angled blush brush and the retractable powder brush. Both are less than 200PHP and they come in this nice ziplock case which is great for travel. And can I just say I super impressed because these are sooooo soft. Some brushes are soft when you run your hands through them but scratchy when you run them across your face but these aren't like that at all. And they look pretty well-made too, and there was no shedding at all when I washed them. I haven't used them yet, so I can't really say I recommend them, but this particular line is worth looking at, I think.

Anyway, a couple of other things.
I got eyeliners because I am in a Jenny Humphrey phase.

First I bought the Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eye Pen. It looks like a Sharpie, smells like a Sharpie, and works like a Sharpie. I wish it stays on like a Sharpie but I can remove it with one swipe which is disappointing. But it's very easy to use, and I'm a newbie in all of this, so I'm liking it so far.

I also got a gel liner in the form of a Stila Smudge pot. Stila is surprisingly cheap here in the Philippines. Or at least it's not marked up all the way to heaven like other international brands. I haven't tried this one yet so I can't really say anything about it.

Last random photo: iPhone wardrobe change. I got bored with the gummy bear so now it's Tokidoki (still by GelaSkins).

And now it's Monday. Have a great work week everyone.

De-grubbing your NARS packaging

I present to you my greatest discovery after online shopping: how to restore NARS packaging to its original glory.

If you own at least one NARS product you should know what I'm talking about. Upon purchase it looks pretty and clean and wonderful; after a couple of uses it has managed to unearth and attract all the invisible dirt inside your make-up drawer. It doesn't matter how careful you are, or how furiously you rub - I've even tried using wet wipes but stopped short of acetone because that would destroy the finish - it always ends up looking disgusting.

At first it's disconcerting but it's something I gradually got used to, until I get a new NARS product - and then I'm reminded of how they once looked.

But now I've discovered how to go from this grubby disgusting mess:

To this (clean one on the right; the left one is for comparison):

It also works for the Sheer Glow Foundation:

My miracle worker?

Mandom Cleansing Express. It's a make-up remover that is neither alcohol nor oil-based, so I guess it's water-based? I have no idea what's in it; everything's in Japanese. Anyway, a couple of squirts onto a cotton pad and your NARS product will look spankin' new. Now I never ever ever have to worry about my NARS stuff looking filthy.

It's not locally available, though, but I guess other water-based make-up removers will work just as well (and some people say lotion works too, but, um, ick).

Oh, and the culprit behind my sudden NARS package cleanup attack:

I finally got my hands on the NARS Loose Powder in Bitch (I kid, I kid, it's Beach). I've been lemming for this for the longest time and I finally nabbed the last one in the NARS counter in Rustan's Glorietta (which is a sucky sucky mall can I just say). It's messy as hell but supposedly wonderful and you do get a shitload of product.

Yay, NARS porn:

Congratulations, said the PCOS machine

Sometimes it pays to be lazy.
Today my parents woke up early to vote. Me, I slept till noon, had breakfast, and watched Glee. They lined up for more than two hours. I did not have to line up at all.

I just looked for my precinct number, went in, signed my name beside my fugly photo (I lined up an entire day to get registered hence the haggard face), got my very long ballot which took my less than two minutes to fill out (would have finished it in 30 seconds had I not been extremely OC about not shading outside the circle with the very fat marker), inserted the ballot into the PCOS machine, and as I waited for the PCOS machine to congratulate me for the choices I've made for my country, the kuya proceeded to douse my finger with indelible ink. From the looks of it I would have to skip a couple of elections because I am pretty sure my finger is going to stay inked for decades.

For something government-related, it was surprisingly efficient.
My points for improvement:
1. Fine-tipped markers that do not bleed into the paper
2. Longer folders, or shorter ballots. While this may not be a board exam, I don't like the idea of people peering at my votes. And I know people do it because my aunt knew who everyone sitting in the same row as her voted for president.
3. Less indelible ink. But that's just for the overzealous kuya.
4. Make it open source, so we can check. Even the best codes have bugs, you know.
5. Modify the PCOS machine such that when you vote for a showbiz personality, it would display "Seriously?" instead of "Congratulations".

Now all that's left to do is sit back and wait for the results. To the next leaders of the country, you have the daunting task of lifting this country up from shambles, so I believe congratulations are not in order.

On This Day I Go Green

Screw the surveys, the political ads, and the black propaganda.
It has always been a question of who is most qualified and capable, and from what I've seen, what I've heard, what I've come across with, I give my vote to the person I am willing to enable to make decisions for my country on my behalf. My fervent hope is that the rest of the country will do the same.

Late Night Ramble

I missed Edsa Shang's Fire Sale, so now I will rant.

First let me tell you about yesterday. I wanted to get something from MAC, and another thing from NARS, so I went to Edsa Shang after work. It completely slipped my mind that there was a fire a couple of days ago, and when I got there, the department store is closed. So I decided to go to Gateway instead, where there is NARS. I thought I'd be a cheapskate and take the train. Now I've never really been inside an MRT station since I got back, let alone the Shaw MRT station, so I kinda did something stupid and took the stairs. Which was like, a billion steps. And then when I got to the very top, I found that on the other side, there was an escalator. Whopee. And I also found out this morning that you can get to the station from Edsa Shang directly.

Now when I got to Gateway they didn't have the NARS product I was looking for, but the salesperson informed me that Edsa Shang will reopen the next day. Just great.

And then this afternoon my officemate informed me that Edsa Shang is having a fire sale, and it's supposedly huge, so I was kinda excited. Unfortunately I was forced to stay in the office an hour longer than I have to (OT is prohibited today because it's Wednesday) so I got there around 8:15, and they were no longer letting people in. And then on the way home I dropped by our friendly neighborhood sari-sari store to buy coke, and they don't have coke. It's just wonderful, isn't it?

So now I'm just trying to focus on things that made me smile this week, such as my new Stila palette.

I've been meaning to get an empty palette for the refill shadows I got from this kit.

Now everything is neat and pretty and organized.
(Clockwise from top: Kitten, Mystic, Wheat, Golightly)

I was also finally able to decant my perfume du jour (Lanvin Eclat d'Arpege, which has been my perfume for a while now - I've gone through four bottles including the tiny one on the right) after I accidentally totaled the bottle - I dropped it, and the atomizer thing got detached, so I had to decant it to a functional spritzer bottle.

And I finally got my loot from Japan. The Shiseido Perfect Whip (I super love this - it lathers to a million bubbles) and the MUFE HD Foundation were stuff I left there because I could no longer get them to fit inside my bag, and a business tripper finally had enough space in her luggage to bring them home to me (hi Donna :p). And I also got two backups of my beloved mascara because I am already down to my last tube.

And that's that. I hope things start looking up tomorrow.

Youtube-ing, wildlife edition

Just a couple of amusing videos I stumbled upon while YouTube-ing.

1. Polar Bear mauls Tourist

A visitor to a zoo in Alaska climbs over the security fences to get a closer look at the polar bear Binky (seriously, name a polar bear Binky and it would have to overcompensate somehow), who then grabs her leg and digs in. Th staff rush to her aid and attempt to dislodge Binky's death grip by hitting her on the head with flimsy branches (complete with leaves, natch). It's hilarious. I know I'm supposed to feel bad for the girl, but she kinda got what she deserved. Besides, the bear looked kinda cute grabbing her with its big furry white paw. (For the record the girl survived and admitted it was her mistake - duh). If ever I have the misfortune of taking the monster piglets my brothers to the zoo I'd let them watch this first and hopefully they'd be on their best behavior.

2. Diver kisses shark on the mouth

This is even more stupid than the bear girl. Of all the idiotic things you can ever do in your entire life. He kissed. The shark. With razor sharp teeth. On the mouth. Guess what happens next.

3. Orcas Launch Coordinated Attack

This is why dolphins will forever be lame in my book. :p

RIP Schlepping Bag

You will be missed. Sniff sniff.
She's been with me everywhere - my Tokyo marathon, the great Hokkaido adventure, and I even took her to the beach and she managed just fine. And then I decided to give her a bath, after which the letters which used to be brown turned the exact same color as the bag, i.e. invisible.

On the one hand, I want to hang myself. But I choose the less stressful path and just think about the next one. ^^

Je te presente my new (future) schlepping bag:

A large, black, long-handled Longchamp Planetes tote with schlep written all over it - it's durable and lightweight, but still roomy enough to contain my entire life.
I initially thought it's just a black-on-black Le Pliage (off-topic: did you know you can design your own Le Pliage?), but as it turns out it's a new and improved version. For me, at least - I love that it's one color, and it's supposedly sturdier and it can hold its shape, and the size is perfect (the large Le Pliage is a bit overwhelming, even for a schlepping bag).

It also comes in pink, but the black one is more practical. I still likey though.

I hope I get my hands on it sooooooooon. It's supposedly cheaper in Singapore, so big hug to Anj. ^^

Congratulate Me

I have EQ!

Shopping in Subic, with the outlet stores and Duty Free shops, and these are all I ended up with:

Unbelievable, right?
I know it's the most boring haul ever, but I'm really happy I got my hands on a hot pink Thermos. I've been wanting to get one for the longest time, what with me getting scalded every single morning no thanks to my leaking Starbucks tumbler. I've been so preoccupied with getting one that it randomly pops up in the middle of work-related conversations. Thank goodness I stopped myself from getting the overpriced Lock and Lock bottle - this has double the capacity for half the price. And it's pink!

Oh, and this is quite nifty:

The spout of the bottle of St. Ives Whipped Silk is star-shaped, so when you squeeze it out it looks like  a blob of icing. Aliw lang. ^^

Finally, stuff I grabbed from other people:

Anj's free eco-lunch bag from a magazine, and two books I borrowed from Dots, yay. Getting free stuff is so much better than shopping :p