Fake Salt, Sure Seats, and the Human Bladder. Oh, and Inception.

First of all, if you plan to watch a blockbuster on a weekend, you have to visit sureseats.com. For twenty pesos which in today's economy is next to nothing, you get peace of mind and no stress at all.

So my sister and I decided to watch Inception. I'm not really a huge movie buff - I bailed on Avatar - but since Eugene claims that this one trumps The Matrix it became something I couldn't possibly pass up on. I reserved our tickets Saturday night and we had to leave home a bit earlier than usual today so we can go catch the movie.

It's a three-hour bus ride to Manila (thanks to the new SCTEX route), and normally they'd play a movie or two. Typically it'd be some random action flick featuring Jean Claude Van Damme or Steven Seagal, or Con Air which I must've seen at least twenty times, but sometimes I'd get lucky. Like one time they played LOTR2 and I almost missed my stop because I didn't want to leave because, well, they haven't won the war yet.

Well, today's movie happens to be Salt. As in Angelina Jolie's new movie that is not yet out in theaters. Lucky, huh? So I put away my iPod, whip out my glasses, and proceed to watch. In the movie Angelina Jolie is some sort of FBI detective person who somehow had to work in Montreal, Canada to catch this serial killer. Funny, from the trailers I somehow assumed she'd be some sort of spy. And that the movie would be a bit more action-packed than this one. And there'd be at least one scene with her wearing a wig. After a bit of googling I finally figured out why - we were watching Taking Lives, starring Angelina Jolie. Good heavens. They edited out the movie intro (as in the part in the beginning where they show the movie title and the top-billed cast) and replaced it with Salt, the sneaky bastards. It's the darndest thing, isn't it? I guess that's what you get for buying pirated DVDs.

Anyway, so after that failure of a bus movie, we get to TriNoMa and headed straight to the counters to get our tickets. I reserved them Saturday night, but you have to claim them 45 minutes before the movie starts else you forfeit the pretty damn good seats. And can I just say, this is probably the best twenty pesos I've ever spent. First, we avoided the really long lines because there's a dedicated counter for sureseats. Second, we got there a good two hours before the movie starts, and by that time there were no more seats available. Imagine our horrified faces had we not reserved the night before. I know I sound like a sureseats.com ad, but I'm just incredibly thankful.

If you haven't had the good fortune of watching Inception yet, may I suggest that you enter the movie house with an empty bladder, no drinks, and no food. The latter because the sound of your chewing may distract you from taking everything in. The former because, as we exited the cinema, there, by the side of the stairs, was a drinking cup full of yellow liquid. We can all hope it's Mountain Dew (or pineapple juice), or we can just take that as a testament of how insanely good the movie was.

Random Haul

Very little mall time this weekend. Saturday I went to Debid and Reizel's house warming in their gorgeous new condo (very very very jealous), and I spent the entire day today doing my laundry while waiting for my mom. But I still managed to get some shopping done. But of course.

Beauty Bar is on sale, so I dropped by.

I found this bag organizer which was going for 65% off.

It's actually pretty neat. While most bag organizers are like mini-bags with a lot of compartments, this is like a chain of pockets. This is what it looks like inside the schlepping bag:

Now if you're like me and your teeny stuff always get lost inside the abyss that is your bag (and yes, this happens even with the conventional bag organizer), this thing is a god send.

I skipped on the make-up because they're kinda iffy, like really really old stock.
But I did get this microfiber hair turban thing because it was only 300 Php from 1500 Php and I'm a sucker for things like that. And towels don't expire so even if this is five-year old stock I still don't mind.

And then I got random things elsewhere:

A swirly cup for mixing foundations and stuff. I got this from Gourdo's for only 20 Php.

Tea lights and strawberry aromatheraphy oil from some random stall.

An oil burner from The Body Shop. See, I live with people who smoke, and I really really abhor the smell of cigarette smoke, so I'm hoping this would help.

I got a tub of Mango Body Butter for 50% off because I have a Love Your Body card (you get 50% off on your second item with a purchase of any regular item). I do think Mango is the yummiest-smelling of all body butters but it's for very dry skin so it's too greasy for the body. However, my hands have been getting extra dry in the office so I figured I'd use it as a hand cream.

I bought a second Clippa for my mom, because I promised her I'd get her one. They're a bit expensive for bag holders, but they're extra nifty and much prettier, too.

And in the spirit of wardrobe change and shiz I bought a dress. For no reason other than I like the way it fits, and it has pockets! It's from the Ponds x Plains and Prints collaboration and it actually came with a free facial wash which is probably never going to get used just because Ponds and I, we're not really good friends.

Anyway, that's that. I have got to sleep. ^^


So I somehow transitioned from jeans + tee + sneakers to skinny jeans + boyfriend shirt + flats. I have no idea when, why, or how this happened, but I guess we all have to grow up at some point, and the wardrobe has to keep up (And yes, I am using this as justification for future clothing hauls).

A sign of more changes to come, perhaps?

Forever 21 and then some

This is pretty stale news by now, but Forever21 has hit the Philippine shores, and I couldn't be happier. Now all we need is H&M and Uniqlo and we're all set. Oh, and Sephora. And MUJI. OK, maybe we're far from being all set but we're on our way.

To say that I'm excited about the opening is the biggest understatement ever, because if there's anything I miss about Tokyo, it's taking the train to Harajuku every Saturday, braving the crows in Takeshita Dori, exploring four floors of pretty, and going home with a bright yellow plastic bag. I very nearly filed for a vacation leave last Friday so I could be there for the opening (and my project manager was telling me it's fine because I guess she anticipated I would be a neurotic mess anyway if I didn't get to go) but there were things to be done. Tsk. So the entire day Friday I was getting updates from Chelo - how insanely long the lines were, how our floral peep toes were sold out, and just how much crap there was for us to purchase.

So yesterday, I woke up, showered, put on my comfiest clothes, and trooped to Megamall. I was there just a minute or two after the mall doors opened. When I got in there was this really really really long line, and I thought oh, shoot but what the hell. So I tried looking for the end of the line, but before lining up I found the security guard.

Me: Ito po ba yung sa Forever21?
Guard: Ay, hindi po, sa Odyssey po ito.

Gahk. Moral of the story: when in doubt, ask questions. Wag assuming.

So I raced, yes, raced to the second floor with my fingers very tightly crossed, and I have to say, I was very very surprised because there was no line at all. Only these big beefy bouncers near the door I very nearly hugged because I was so happy they actually let me in.

Now I wish I can say it was all wonderful and magical and all that jazz, but it's just, well, okay. It did feel like I was back in Harajuku for a second, but, well, I was just majorly disappointed because they did not have enough rings, and you know how crazy I am about rings. Tsk. And the accessories in general are more expensive here than in Japan, which is a shocker. But the clothes and shoes are just about the same. So I guess I'll be getting the clothes here, but the accessories I am ordering online because there are wonderful people in Japan who can bring them home for me. ^^

Anyway, here's the damage. It's nowhere near massive, but I'm pretty happy with it. I did try on a ton of things but I edited a lot of things out. I constantly had to remind myself that the store is still going to be there the next day so I don't have to purchase everything. And I always need a second opinion on dresses and my friends weren't there when I was trying stuff on so I just passed.

I had to get at least one ring, so I got this crazy tiger ring that spans two fingers. I have no idea when I would wear it but I'll figure something out.

And then I got this bow and this simple round one in a pretty pretty blue color.

And then I got this white girly top even if it's a size to big because it's pretty. And I figured it's kinda flowy anyway so it doesn't have to be snug (read: pinilit). I also got two more tops, my very first belt as I do not own any (and the one I got is supposedly for men :p), and really short shorts.

After the haulage I met up with my friend Leal, and we watched Eclipse, because we had to wait for Doti and we were tired from Forever21 and we needed to sit down. So we picked the show that would start the soonest, and it happened to be in SM's interactive cinema, which we did not find out until we were already inside the theater and this girl suddenly grabs a mic and starts chattering. It was... strange. Suffice to say I will never ever ever watch a movie in there again. I mean, the movie quality itself was fine, but beforehand there was this game and it was just strange. As for the actual movie, it can be summed up in one word: constipation. Dakota Fanning was great though, in all of the thirty seconds that she was there. Oh, and can I just say, Rosalind has way too much make-up on, and whenever I see her I just can't focus on anything else.

After the movie we met up with Doti and I dragged them to Bench because I wanted to get this:

Just for everyday when I don't want to fuss over my watch getting nicked or scratched or stained with indelible ink (which happened to my white Philippe Starck for Fossil watch and it stressed me out sooooo bad).

And then we trooped to Edsa Shang to watch Knight and Day (we no longer wanted to watch a movie in SM because we were so traumatized by the interactive thing). We caught the last full show, so by the time I left the mall it was midnight. That's 14 hours of mall time, which is epic, even for me. So today I'm staying at home, doing my laundry, tidying things up, and keep resisting the urge to get new make-up stuff.

Halftime Showtime

It's the second half of the year, and it's crunch time.

When I got back from the great adventure that is Japan, I gave myself six months to reboot, re-acclimate and re-connect with people. Now it's time to figure out where I'm headed.


This will have eyes rolling, but I can honestly say I love my current job. Primarily because I love my project, which I am very much attached to. And in the four years I've been with the company, I have continually been challenged to do things I never thought I could. But lately it's been getting kind of boring. I mean, sure, every day is still a struggle, but of the predictable kind. Before, I'd always look forward to going to work and discovering something new and amazing, but now the eureka moments are few and far between. I miss the satisfaction of being able to grasp a concept that minutes before seemed so complex and alien.

So I guess it's time to move on, and I'm giving myself six months to formulate a game plan.


I've been single for over a year, and I'm surprisingly OK with it. I do whatever I want, hang out with people I want to hang out with, and I can be as excellent as I can possibly be without having to worry about bruised egos.

I thought I'd have to do some sort of rebounding as proof I've moved on, but now that I think about it, that would actually be proof I haven't. And I also realized I'm far too self-centered to be looking out for other people, or at least right now I am. I'll do the whole relationship thing when I'm no longer selfish and shallow, but for now I'm enjoying chasing after whatever it is that catches my fancy. Plus, I need to find someone who's actually better and more kickass than me, for a change ;p

And the answer to the million dollar question why we broke up: It's because I've seen people crazy in love, and that's not what we had. A pity it took me four years to realize that, but hey, at least I had the balls to admit it.


Less shopping, more travel. But we'll see. ^^