Move over, Magic Mouse.

Mmmhmm delighting you always :p
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Do one thing everyday that scares you

Whoever said that must've died of stress but sometimes we have to go a little crazy, right?

Let's start with this.

Weird crazy torture device? Almost, but not quite. It's an epilator. Don't ask me how I found out about epilating; I just stumbled upon it one day and suddenly I'm stalking it online. This particular one is a Braun Silk Epil Xpressive Pro SE7481. It's waterproof and comes with a couple of accessories.

As with all things electronic, it's cheaper in Japan so I asked the very wonderful people here to order it for me. Amazon.co.jp is wonderful because you can have your package delivered to your nearest convenience store how cool is that?

Anyway, back to the epilator. It's essentially just tweezers times ten. Or fifty. You use it the way you would an electric shaver, but instead of chopping the hair off it pulls them out, fifty at a time. I know. Hurts like hell. Sorta. It's fine when I use it on my legs, probably because I'm used to waxing. But on the underarms? Tears, blood, and a string of expletives. Hopefully I'll get used to it after a few sessions, because it's quite effective - think waxing without having to wait for regrowth, or shaving without the stubble. I've actually grown quite fond of my epilator now, even if I'm still using the attachment for beginners on the lowest setting. I wouldn't recommend it if you have a low threshold for pain, though.

Moving on...

Umm, yeah. So I colored my hair. By myself. With Kao Prettia Bubble hair color in Dark Chocolate. The first box I bought was in Antique Rose which is a purply reddish color, and I couldn't bring myself to use it. But I've actually always wanted dark brown hair. My original hair color is actually a combination of black and brown strands and I just want to even it out to a rich brown color, because super black hair seems kinda harsh. So I figured what the heck, it's not like I'm going to bleach my hair a ghastly blonde.

Now this particular brand is quite popular for being easy to use and not super harsh on the hair (I think it's called Liese in other countries). It's also quite fun to apply - it foams up and you just sort of shampoo it on, wait for a couple of minutes, and voila!

It doesn't look as brown in person, but I'm quite pleased with the color. It's not super super obvious; actually it may not be recognizable at all, but I can tell that my hair is dark brown as opposed to black brown, and that's good enough for me. And texture-wise my hair seems to be the same, if not softer (I did use a repairing mask afterwards). And I'm pleased to report that the color is even, but then again I don't have a lot of hair so that's not hard to accomplish I guess.

So far, so good. So here's to more risk-taking. ^^


By now you should know how this weekend would turn out.

Saturday was reserved for the Tokyo Game Show in Makuhari Messe, Chiba prefecture. We're the worst spectators ever, because we just took a peek and left. It's interesting in theory, but there were so many people and it's summer so the smell is not exactly pleasant, and I'm not exactly a hardcore gamer. And there's also a Mitsui outlet park nearby. Scantily clad girls and the latest gadgets and games or endless shopping opportunities with huge huge discounts?

The next day was Tokyo shopping - Shinjuku, Harajuku, Shibuya. Enough said.
We spent a couple of hours in Forever21 Harajuku. If you spend 4000 JPY or more you get to spin this wheel and you get a prize.

I got the FNO tote bag, yay. ^^

Anyhoo, so here's the damage.

1. I finally got rain boots!!! I actually gave up on them after the third attempt to order Plueys. Which is a good thing, I guess, because these are prettier and much more age-appropriate.

2. Studded white flats from some random store in Shibuya (I believe it was called Chille Anap, whatever that means).

3. Onitsuka Tiger flats.

4. Heels from H&M. I have been lusting after these last year, but I didn't get them because I have way too many shoes already. Not  that the situation has changed now, but I do need work shoes because I only brought one pair and they have now been destroyed. I didn't expect to find these heels still available, but I think this is the very last pair and it's my size, so thank you universe.

We all know I can't exactly leave F21 without a couple of rings. My favorite is the middle one, though, which I got from H&M, because it has joints and hinges and everything.

Clothes shopping is an epic fail; I only ended up with a cardigan and this romper:

My main issue with rompers is how the hell do you pee when wearing them without having to take everything off but this one's pretty and comfy so I figured what the hell I'll just wear them in places with pretty bathrooms.

It must've been some sort of shopping high, but we found these on sale somewhere along the streets of Shibuya, and somehow the idea of having reddish purple hair appealed to me so I got one box. I have been staring at it all morning, but, ummm, no.

I could sleep 24 hours a day

Charles Anastase for Longchamp 2009.

As if finding it during FNO Tokyo wasn't crazy enough, it was actually on sale.
Maybe I should've bought two.

Omotesando and FNO Tokyo 2010

So I discovered last Friday night that there was such a thing as Fashion's Night Out Tokyo and it was going to be held September 10, which was the very next day. I've only ever heard of Fashion's Night Out New York, which started last year during the recession.

Fashion’s Night Out (FNO) is an unprecedented global initiative created to celebrate fashion, restore consumer confidence, boost the industry’s economy, and put the fun back in shopping. For one night last September, in New York City and twelve other cities around the world, designers, celebrities, models, and fashion editors staged exciting, one-of-a-kind events in stores open after-hours to the public.

It was a no-brainer. I just had to go. I was planning on going to Omotesando anyway to visit the MAC store. And can I just say, I'm incredibly thankful I did not discover it while I was here last year. Otherwise I would have had to subsist on a diet of rice and salt. It's a network of shop-lined streets that never end. And it's swarming with tourists, so the sales assistants are quite fluent in English, which means they can sucker me in with sales talk. In Shinjuku, they just let me buy what I want (to prevent further conversations riddled with hand gestures), but here, they are able to suggest things I might want which I would almost always end up getting. It's the death of EQ.

I did find MAC Pro easily enough because it was on the main street. It was impossible to take a picture of the entire facade because there would always be people passing by at any given time. This is Tokyo, after all.

Louis Vuitton was right across. I can't say if I love or hate the facade but I did get my picture taken in front of it.

It's out of focus because it was hurriedly taken during the split second when no one was passing by.

FNO was scheduled to start at 6PM, and I got there around 2, so I had lots of time to explore, and I got invariably lost, since we all know I have no sense of direction whatsoever. In fact I got so lost I actually stumbled upon Christopher Nemeth, which was like in the middle of nowhere, and The Bathing Ape, which I've always been curious about. No pictures because at this point I was feeling panicky already. I'm fairly confident I could find them again, though, because that's how I learn to navigate places - by getting utterly lost.

I also thought Forever21 and H&M were located like ten blocks away from where they actually were, but I did manage to find them after walking for several billion kilometers. Was not in the mood to shop for clothes, though, so I passed.

By the time FNO started I have been walking for four hours straight, although I did get a bit of rest from time to time. There were a lot of benches along the sidewalk; the only problem is tourists always ask me for directions because I guess I so obviously look like a foreigner who probably speaks English. Now I really wish I could help them, but I'm just as lost as they are.

So I proceeded to Omotesando Hills to catch a glimpse of the fashion show, but the crowd was crazy. The only time I saw the catwalk was when I went up and down the escalators.

I managed to grab the last FNO bag from Michael Kors.

I wanted to get the pink one, tsk.

And then I did the rounds of the stores again, just to see what they were offering for FNO. They were serving cocktails in some shops, like Chanel and Dior. And there were limited edition stuff that I can't afford without selling my internal organs.

Anyhoo this is where all the EQ flew out the window:

Pictures of the loot later, because I gotta go :p

I am never to set foot in Omotesando again

So yeah, never again.

No. 7

The new luggage goes to Tokyo for yet another business trip. ^^

I started packing two hours before I had to leave for the airport, but I think I managed pretty well.

The flight to Tokyo was horrible. We were delayed for an hour and a half due to engine problems, the food was meh, and I had to suffer through the worst airplane landing ever, and I've never ever experienced that with JAL. Tsk.

We reached Tokyo right smack in the middle of rush hour. Gaaaah. Imagine squeezing yourself - and your luggage - in a train brimming with people. And then we got lost while looking for the hotel, because we all know I can't read a map if my life (or sanity) depended on it. Thankfully the kuya at the nearest 7-11 was helpful enough to direct us.

Aaaaand can I just say the hotel more than made up for everything.

Two words: Free. Coffee. I rest my case.