I love my friends because they tell it like it is

Me: Anj, bakit ba naging ganito ako kagastos?!?
Anj: Kasi tumira ka sa Japan at wala kang boyfriend.
Me: So kung may boyfriend ako, di ako gagastos?
Anj: Hindi din.

Japan posts to follow. No time, no energy, no words :D

Kapikon Lang

I placed an order for an Amazon Kindle last Nov. 4.
My officemate ordered hers Nov. 8.
We were shipping to the same address in Japan (because the Japan postal system is infinitely easier to deal with than the one we have here, and that's with the language barrier).

Hers arrived last Friday.
Mine, on the other hand, has been re-scheduled THRICE, and is now scheduled to arrive anytime from Nov. 17 to 22.

In what fucking world does this make sense?

Waking up on the right side of the bed

Finally, Sleep Cycle supports iPod Touch and I couldn't be happier.


Who's afraid of over baggage fees?

I sure as hell am, ever since my last trip to Japan when I found out just how much that extra kilogram of useless crap would cost me. The answer? Either a helluva lot of money, or the embarrassment of opening my luggage at the check-in gates to take stuff out.

Now I have an upcoming business trip, which I am cram-packing for, and in an effort to avoid any further mortification at the airport (and for my peace of mind) I got myself this:


It's a Balanzza mini digital luggage scale. The brand name is borderline cheesy, but it's quite possibly the niftiest device on the planet. It has a backlit screen, it can measure in both pounds and kilograms, and it fits into all but the smallest of purses.

Gone are the days of having to figure out a way to hoist the luggage onto a bathroom weighing scale without blocking the display. This comes with a strap which you secure around the bag handle. The you lift the bag using the device with one or both hands, and wait for the beep. The weight is saved after the beep so you have time to set the bag down before looking at the screen.

Now the problem with nifty things is that they are often quite pricey, and this is no exception - I got mine at Travel Club for 1650PHP - but considering the embarrassment it saves you from I do think it's worth it.

Doctor's Orders

It happens even to the best.

Or so the opthalmologist says, I assume in an attempt to comfort me after seeing the horrified look on my face. "It" refers to bacterial keratitis, which she described to me as a very little teeny tiny growth on my right cornea, with a potential to get bigger. Now I don't know about you, but the only thing that registered is "growth".

While I'm not exactly OCD about it, but I do think I'm a careful contact lens wearer. I use disposable lenses that are 60% water (Biomedics), I always, always take them off before going to bed, and I replace my contact lens solution bottles every two months.

But, eh, shit happens. I can only be thankful that I decided to err on the side of caution and took a half day off to visit the doctor. My right eye has been acting up since Saturday; opening it was like staring at the sun. So I skipped contacts for two days, and it was fine again. I went back to contacts yesterday, and a couple of hours after I removed them the right eye was back to vampire mode again. Which brings us to the doctor's office, and the bacterial keratitis.

If I had googled this before my check-up I probably wouldn't have waited a couple of days before visiting the doctor, because apparently it can be blinding. Almost half of the reported cases are contact lens wearers, and symptoms include light sensitivity.

Anyhoo, the doctor prescribed some antibacterial drops, and I am on a contact lens hiatus until I can visit her again for a follow-up, which would be a month from now. The drops cost almost a hundred bucks per mL, and wearing glasses is extremely extremely inconvenient, but hey, my vision is priceless.

The Return of the Manila Sleeve

Remember when I wanted a Macbook Air because I fell in love with the Manila sleeve?

As much as I like the new MacBook Air I just couldn't find any use for it. Maybe if I had an iMac and would like something more portable for travel, but I have a MacBook and it's quite perfect for me (but if someone were to give me a MacBook Air that'd be a different story altogether).

What I do have is a Kindle. Well technically I don't have it yet - it is en route to Japan and we have yet to meet. But the point is:

The thing is, this retails for 22 dollars at Boxwave.com. Not sure if it's worth it, considering you can get the real deal for less than 20 *pesos*.


Cushioned mailers, from your friendly neighborhood bookstore. The inside is lined with bubble wrap, which means they are every bit as functional when it comes to protecting your Kindle from the abusive environment that is your bag. And so much cooler, too.

The Weekend, and then some

First, say hello to my two new babies.


While the techie in me is happy to have two new gadgets to play with, I am kinda feeling sentimental about replacing my iPhone 3G. If my mom hasn't been hinting on me getting a new phone and giving her the iPhone we probably would still spend a good year together. I'd happily use it until it conks out on me, because it's been a wonderful wonderful device.

10 Things I Learned in Bangkok

1. When everyone starts to get off the train, consider getting off too.

masaya pa kami dahil di pa kami nawawala

2. There are a dozen ways to make your already spicy food even more spicy.

spicy kung spicy

3. You can even make guava spicy.

spicy guava thing

4. Pad Thai tastes different in each restaurant you visit.

pad thai (mas sushal this time)

5. Frothy milk tea = happiness


6. I am no cultural tourist - I can visit one temple and be done with it.


7. To get the most out of the discounts you have to bring 5 friends with you. Or bring one friend and get 3 pieces each.

8. Anj wins the best in hotel reservation award and because of that, we will never travel without her ever again.

view from the hotel at night

9. A trip can never be a failure as long as I'm with my girls.

distorted elevator pic

10. And yes, we are mean and are unapologetically so, but hey, at least we own it.