2010 has been a terrible, terrible year and I couldn't be happier it's about to end.
It did have its moments:

1. Whale-shark watching in Donsol, which is probably the highlight of my year.

2. Potipot Island with the schlepping bag

3. Ian Somerhalder

4. Getting to touch a beluga whale, even if it took eternity.

5. And last but not the least, reconnecting with people:

Pau and I are overquota this year but we're saving up for the next three years when she does her residency and we won't be able to have dinners anymore.

Reunited with college dorm mates after five years

Rushed lunch dates with Chelo, and a Bangkok trip that miraculously pushed through

Pisay batch reunion of sorts


And I finally made it to the annual M04 dinner, after years of non-attendance

(Notice how in all of them I'm wearing either black or white or both what is up with that?)

This year has been a real struggle career-wise and life-in-general-wise, but I think I managed pretty well given the circumstances. Having said that, I am determined to make things happen in 2011 - it is going to be epic. I'll see you in the new year. ^^


This is it. ^^




Michael Antonio

Today is laundry and major room overhaul day, i.e. the perfect day for procrastination. Hence the many blog posts.

Anyway, I just want to profess my love for my Michael Antonio heels.



It was love at first sight. OK, maybe lust at first sight. But now I love them - they're super incredibly comfy (for three and a half inch heels, that is). I wore them for two nights straight and my feet are surprisingly fine.

Plus, I looked so tall ^^


See, I'm even taller than Joanna. But that's because she wore flats haha. :p

My Amnesia Girl - Ella and Chelo edition

OMG buhay pa pala si Carlos Agassi!

Sarcastic ba sila o seryoso? Di ko ma-figure out.

Bakit ang interactive nila? Para lang akong nasa Bulacan.

Bakit andaming pera ni John Lloyd?

At pano niya nakuha mag-leave ng basta-basta? Sunud-sunod pa!

Lintek ampangit talaga ni John Lloyd.
Ang taba pa niya.
Mabubugbog tayo dito.

In fairness, bumenta samin. :p

Random Japan Things

1. Coke is ridiculously overpriced in Tokyo, but that doesn't stop me from buying it. Especially since they have the cutest bottle ever.