I'm Done

For the longest time it was always the project. Everything else is secondary. Despite the fact that I have made the decision to pursue career options elsewhere, the project remains to be my primary concern. But everyone has his limits, and I unfortunately have reached mine. Starting today, my priority is me.


  1. i love this, because:

    1. you finally posted something, after a long time. how inconsiderate of you, dontcha know i check your blog every other day?! and i was getting sick of re-reading your last entry like a crazy fan.

    2. you finally, finally LET GO (or decided to).

    3. both of us will soon revel in the novel feeling of "KEBS, MGA PANGIT". i worked my ass off (sometimes) for 4.5 years (5 for you, right?). we deserve a break from all this mind-effery.

    4. maybe this will lead to you blogging more often. yay!

    P.S. let us do hongkong in April? pretty pretty pls? i will be penniless but i'll save my credit card limit for this trip!

  2. @anj: haha i was going crazy nung january be thankful i did not post :p

    and yes we shall do hongkong this year. but my request is boracay. please? maawa na sa taong di pa nakakapuntang boracay. :(