First of all, meet Leithold.

He finally arrived on the last day of work last year, and we have been bonding ever since. Special thanks to Paeng; I know I gave you hell and I'm sorry.

Leithold is an Amazon Kindle 3. Please do not ask me why I didn't get an iPad instead. A Kindle is not an iPad is not a Kindle. A Kindle is an eBook reader, plain and simple. But it serves its purpose quite excellently. For one, the screen looks like paper. It's actually quite eerie the first time you look at it.

No glare, so you can read under direct sunlight. The downside is, you can't read if it's dark, just like how it is with a real book. It does not consume power so long as the screen stays the same, so battery life is quite impressive (supposedly it could go for a month when full charged but I am not convinced).

As a bonus, there are experimental features such as an MP3 player (which came in handy one day when my iPod conked out on me), and get this - free 3G connectivity anywhere as long as there is signal. By anywhere I mean any country. And by free I mean, well, free - I can surf the net anywhere for free, how crazy is that? Before you get any ideas, I have to say that the browser is abysmally slow, and is prone to crashing, but then again, slow internet is better than no internet. So take this as a bonus and not a feature.

So now I've taken to reading again. ^^
My most recent conquest was Stieg Larsson's The Girl who Played with Fire, which I thoroughly enjoyed, partly because of all the math.

I have also inherited a couple of actual physical books from Anj, which I intend to read once I get an actual weekend (I work on Saturdays, boo).

And on a totally unrelated note, I am posting a picture of my shoes du jour.

As much as I would like actual Tory Burch flats, I can never justify spending ten thousand pesos for a pair of flats. For Uggs x Jimmy Choos, maybe. But not for flats. But we'll see ;p
Anyway, these are so extremely comfy I don't even care if they're knockoffs.

Last but not least,

Stop the presses; I am about to do sports. Roight.


  1. Hey I want Anthology flats also! I plan to buy a pair in black for work :)