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Hello Wednesday

10 March 2011
Guess what welcomed me when I got home?

Meet Wednesday.

She's a 13-inch Cambridge satchel in the exact shade of green I wanted (i.e. green kung green). It also comes in red (which I also want), purple (which I also want), and yellow (which I also kinda like), among others.

I got it from this site. I reserved it Monday, paid for it Tuesday, got it on Wednesday in pristine condition. ^^

I blame all the people who enabled me to buy this. It's so pretty though and aylaveeet.

P.S. Belated happy birthday to someone (Rocky's orders :p)


  1. pretty! i want to see in person. is it light? is it heavy? ;)

  2. it's light pero the leather is kinda tough. i have to break it in pa. shall we lunch tomorrow? :D

  3. ella ang tagal ko na rin to tinitignan! i wanted the red and/or yellow one. how much? and ok ba sya as laptop bag?

  4. @anj: i wouldn't recommend it as a laptop bag kasi wala siyang lining. afford na afford mo naman :p

  5. Gusto ko din ng green!! Anong size ung sau? Tinry ko ung oversized alexa at nilalamon nya ko if worn cross body. Pero ok na din nang mawala ang itch to splurge. Ay pwede ba makita ng live ung bags nya before purchase?

  6. Tama ba ung naiisip ko na nag bday? Bkt naman isang buwan ang delay s pagbati ni boss?

  7. @maymay: 13-inch yung sakin. medyo rigid kasi siya so nalalakihan ako sa 15-inch. so medyo maliit lang siya, actually. not for schlepping. ^^

    di ko alam kung pwede tinginin muna. available din siya sa schu, so pwede tinginin dun, pero they sold out in 3 days daw.

    mali yata iniisip mo haha. yung iniisip mo, binati ni boss nung day itself, nagtatampo pa at di daw nag-reply hahahahahaha

  8. eeeh sorry talaga last friday! i'm ulaynin and old. how bout wed? :) if yes, bring your bag i wanna seeeee hoho

  9. @chelo: that's because things have been happening :p
    will blog real soon, promise :p


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