More new things!

Let's start with the most awesome wallet there ever is:

I've blogged about it before, but it's too much of a hassle (and expensive) to buy it online, so imagine my joy when I found it in that shop that sells really cool stuff at Edsa Shang (the name escapes me, sorry).

It looks like paper but it's made of a material called Tyvek, which is waterproof and supposedly virtually indestructible. And it looks like a dot matrix printout, and the random numbers are actually the first couple of thousand digits of pi. ^^

Function-wise it's a typical bi-fold wallet with two card compartments.

And it's tall enough to hold 10k JPY bills, which are wider than most (hence the term "lapad").

Best. Wallet. Ever.

Moving on, in the interest of shaking things up even more:

I know, right? I shall be honest and admit I haven't taken them out of the box yet, but that's because it's been raining lately and they're so white and pristine and pretty!

But, I do owe a couple of people 5k (that's 5 kilometers, not five grand) because I dared them to attend a barre3 session with the trading price of one kilometer per session. Didn't expect them to take the bait but they did, all five of them, and now I have to fun run x.x

Although they did struggle in barre3 so that kinda made it legit :p
Because I was thinking I was struggling and panting and wanting to die only because I am not physically fit but these are men who jog and play basketball and things and halfway through I think they kinda wanted to kill me already :D

Oh! And I also got pretty pink post-workout slippers teehee.

Aaaaand I also had my lashes permed. Here's the scary before pic:

And the scary after pic:

Kinda not worth it, IMHO. I get way better results using my Shu eyelash curler with my MJ mascara. But if you don't have time in the morning or you like the idea of waking up with gorgeous lashes, I think it's worth a try. I had mine done at Let's Face it for a little less than 300 bucks. The process takes an hour and a half, during which you have to keep your eyes closed, so just come with a fully-loaded iPod.

And that's that. March is turning out to be a promising, promising month :D

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