Oh, Friday

Definitely one for the books. Nakakaloka is an understatement.

It started off like any other Friday - issues, stress, more issues. And then my boss suddenly rushed towards me with his company phone in his outstretched arm.

Ella! Moral support!

And I thought, great, another issue. And so I give my most nonchalant "Hello". And on the other line is my officemate, and she happens to be crouched under one of the office desks in the 10th floor of the mothership office. It's 1446h JST, and a magnitude 8.9 earthquake just struck Japan.

We were on the phone for more than thirty minutes, but it seemed like eternity because the tremor just won't quit.

Now, what can you possibly tell someone experiencing what is probably the strongest earthquake she will experience her entire life? Because after "don't panic" and "it's going to be okay" I quickly ran out of ideas.

Well if you're going to experience an earthquake anyway, it's best to do it in Tokyo because there is no city more prepared for one.

Just follow what the Japanese do, they know what they're doing.

It's safer to stay inside the building. It's like Hogwarts; it's a fortress. And if it can't withstand the shakes anymore it will transform and lift off.

Craziest phone conversation of my life.

To everyone in Japan, stay strong, and be safe.

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