In-flight shopping: Travalo

Yep. Started shopping even before I landed in SG. Goodness.

In my defense I wasn't planning on it, but while browsing through the in-flight magazines (out of nothing else to do - no movies or music or anything!) I found this:

I blame YouTube. Ever since I saw it in one of the channels I subscribe to I knew I had to have it, and the only question was how (up to this point I thought they were only available in the US).

It's a Travalo, and essentially it's just a tiny container for your perfume. The beauty is in how it is refilled. See, my signature perfume is Lanvin Eclat d'Arpege, which looks like this:

It's a pretty bottle, alright, but too clunky and huge for my bag. And who wants to bring a 100-mL bottle of perfume anyway? And the smaller bottle is the same spherical shape which makes it equally clunky. Now the thing is, lovely as the scent is, it disappears in seconds, so I do have to have a bottle with me. I could decant to a smaller container, but the atomizer is permanently attached to the bottle instead of a screw-on attachment, which kinda makes it impossible.

Enter the Travalo (I hate the name, btw). See, the bottom looks like this:

And you attach it to the perfume atomizer like this:

And then you pump a couple of times to refill. How nifty is that? And mess-free, too. So that justifies the purchase somehow, right? :p

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