So I made it to SG, and Anj's apartment, in one piece.

I took JetStar, for no reason other than the fact that I was able to actually book the flight (which I can't seem to accomplish with CebuPac after a million tries).

I arrived at the airport a good four hours before departure, and was completely unaware that JetStar check-in counters opened so late. I had to stand in line for almost two hours, and by the time I cleared immigration (after another insanely long queue) I barely had time for coffee. Tsk.

However, they did let me get away with 24 kg of check-in baggage so much much love to JetStar. ^^

The flight was uneventful but I was so tired this was the only photo I managed to take before I dozed off.

I really wanted to explore Changi airport but I was so tired and hungry so I just went ahead and took a cab to Anj's apartment. So I give her address to kuya cab driver, and he tells me:

I don't understand what you're saying. You speak with slang.

Whaaaaat!?! Anyway, I just handed him my iPod touch so he can just look at the address. Anj says it might be because I spoke too fast. Tsk. But at least he did manage to find the place.

My first meal in Singapore is dinner, because on the way to find a place to eat Anj and I had iced soy milk and so I lost my appetite for lunch (and it was already 4 in the afternoon). Only two pictures because we were so so hungry.

So now I'm all alone in Anj's apartment because she left for a business trip to Sydney. And I have no intention of going out because I am going to go broke in this country. Besides, I have Funshine to keep me company. :p

More misadventures when I figure out a way to battle all this heat. :p

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