Shop. Eat. Sleep.

As much as I love Anj, we are so not good for each other. When we're together, all we do is shop. And eat. And sleep. It's our own version of Eat Pray Love. At the rate we are going we are most definitely going to end up fat and broke (at least I am; it will take a great great deal of shopping before Anj goes broke) by the end of the month.

Exhibit A:


It's the ultimate cliche, but...

... it really happens when you least expect it. <3

Best Emoticon Ever


Finding Cassis

I first discovered Cassis during a project dinner in Japan - it was recommended by my wonderful Japanese counterparts upon finding out I don't drink beer (this was obviously way before I met my lunchmates slash beer buddies).

Blackie, Jr.

So my Kindle's back.

I, ermm, totalled the first one. As it turns out, the screen, sturdy as it looks, is quite fragile. Thankfully it was within warranty and Amazon sent me a new one (or maybe it's refurbished, but I couldn't care less). Shipping charges are a bitch, though, so unless you're in the US, take care of your Kindle. Seriously.


For all of this, I blame Anj, whose bedroom is straight out of an Ikea catalogue. Actually, so is the rest of her house - even the pot holders are Ikea.

It's impossible not to love Ikea - it's chock full of pretty wonderful things. So never mind that I don't have a room of my own to shop for yet, that doesn't stop me from going (virtual) shopping.

My one requirement for beds: no space underneath. Because that's where the monsters lurk at night, and where dustballs and missing objects congregate during the day. And it's also a pain to clean. So you can imagine how much I like the concept of a bed with storage, instead of empty space, underneath.

Blog Makeover

It all started with this baby:

It's a Samsung S2 640GB external hard drive, purchased because I left my Time Capsule (Apple Wireless Router + 500GB storage) back at home, and my Macbook is running low on space.

Back to Basics

Or, how I managed to hoist my skin back to normal under the crazy humid Singapore weather.

The Lunchmates Invade SG

Funshine and I welcomed them at the airport.

"Ms. Bolit" is an inside joke that I shall not attempt to explain.
As for my shoes and bags,

Delivered, as promised. ^^

Librarian for a day

Anj is moving stuff around the house, and I was forced volunteered to help put her gazillion books back onto the shelf. And by help, I mean I will arrange them as I see fit, and she is not allowed to complain nor will she ever inquire where a particular book is located.

Book organization, the ella way: ang pangit, sa likod (ugly books at the back). And yes, I judge by cover, not content. So the brown and tattered classics stand beside the trashy novels and Archie comics, all obscured from view. Paulo Coelho on the bottom shelf because I don't like him. Food-related books at eye level to entice Anj to read them and subsequently cook for me hehe.

Sandwich Haruki Murakami between Francine Pascal (who should be hanged for destroying my childhood through Sweet Valley High Confidential) and Lauren Weisberger and see if they get along.

And Bartney Stintson's The Bro Code beside inspirational and self-help books. Self-explanatory, yes?

Hitting Pan

Hitting pan is the phenomenon where a girl actually finishes a make-up item. When you're down to the last couple of sweeps of your powder foundation, your brush hits the metal pan, hence the term.

The first item I've hit pan on is my Maybelline foundation, which I loved but is now discontinued. That was maybe four years ago, and it hasn't happened since. I just kept on buying so much stuff that I never actually finished anything.

But today I'm proud to say I've hit pan on a couple of things. I'd say it's partly due to the fact that I moved to Singapore and had to leave most of my stuff behind.

This was all I could manage to squeeze into my suitcase. And yep, four backups of Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus. At the time of purchase, it wasn't available in the Philippines yet, and I haven't made the decision to move to Singapore, hence the hoarding.

The Inevitable

Being in Singapore without shopping is like going to Universal Studios without trying Battlestar Galactica. Well, the latter actually happened, but considering how much stress I got from The Mummy I am pretty sure Battlestar Galactica would kill me.

Anyway. The great thing about shopping with Anj (which is also a problem, depending on how you look at it) is that she finds things I normally wouldn't even look at but I end up actually liking.

Exhibit A: