Back to Basics

Or, how I managed to hoist my skin back to normal under the crazy humid Singapore weather.

MAC Cleanse-off Oil
For removing even the most stubborn waterproof mascara. This works so much better for me than the Shu Uemura one, and it's cheaper too. This is my second bottle; the first one lasted me for over a year. And it smells really really good.

Shiseido Aqualabel White Clear Foam
Bought in lieu of Shiseido Perfect Whip, which is my favorite favorite facial wash but is unfortunately available only in Japan. I tried to be cheap and initially got Clean and Clear facial wash and promptly broke out. My hunt for a Shiseido foaming facial wash led me to this. It's a tad bit more expensive and I'm not a big fan of the scent (it's supposed to be rosewater but it's rather artificial), but it works and my breakouts have ceased. I'm actually curious to try the other products in the Aqualabel series but I'm not big on experimenting with skincare so we'll see.

Proactiv Revitalizing Toner
I used the entire Proactiv line for a little more than a month, during which my breakouts got progressively worse. Which did not come as a surprise, because the active ingredient is benzoyl peroxide, and that never really worked for me. I did retain the toner, because it's a good AHA exfoliant and is devoid of benzoyl peroxide. It has glycolic acid, which I have a quite good track record with. I guess sometimes it pays to know what's in the stuff we slap on our faces.

MAC Lightful Deep Ultramoisture Cream
My staple for warm, icky weather.

The Body Shop Organic Cotton Rounds
I don't really recommend using these because once you do, it's hard to go back to generic cotton rounds, much more cotton balls or ordinary fluff-it-yourself cotton. It just works so damn well it enables you to convince yourself it's okay to shell out a couple more bucks than you normally would for mere cotton rounds.

Now, to find a sunscreen that will not clog my pores or break me out.

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