Blackie, Jr.

So my Kindle's back.

I, ermm, totalled the first one. As it turns out, the screen, sturdy as it looks, is quite fragile. Thankfully it was within warranty and Amazon sent me a new one (or maybe it's refurbished, but I couldn't care less). Shipping charges are a bitch, though, so unless you're in the US, take care of your Kindle. Seriously.

A couple of things I'd like to clear up regarding the Amazon Kindle. First: it is not a touch-screen device. 90% of the people who encounter my Kindle for the first time almost instinctively start poking at the screen expecting some kind of response (the other 10% either own one or have previously poked at someone else's Kindle). So it becomes kind of a letdown that control of the cursor is achieved using a five-way navigation pad.

It's quite primitive, but then again seeing as its primary use is for reading ebooks (and it does have dedicated buttons for turning pages back and forth) I don't think it's an issue.

Second: The 3G connection is free. You don't need a SIM card, you don't need to pay any fees, connection is free in any country. Or in most countries, anyway. And it also works with GPRS and EDGE.

Now I know how exciting the concept of free internet everywhere is, but hold your horses. The screen is black and white (64 shades of gray, actually), the browser is godawfully slow and hangs up like half the time, and you cannot have more than one open browser window (or tab) at a time. As an extra feature, it's great. But as a main feature, it sucks. What I'm trying to say is, if you're thinking of getting the Kindle for the free internet, don't.

Last but not least: You don't have to get all your ebooks from Amazon. You can transfer ebooks from your computer to your Kindle via USB, or you can send them to your Kindle's e-mail address. Amazon also offers a conversion service for which supports several file formats (.pdf, .doc, .mobi). Just put "Convert" on the subject line, and it will be converted to .azw format before it reaches your Kindle. Cool, huh?

Anyway, I am now in search for books to keep me occupied (I have so much free time these days, if the number of blog posts is any indication). Any recommendations?

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  1. My Kindle is still sitting idle (got just the Wifi version) with only one book so far (so no recs from me). But I plan to rectify that as soon as I end work at the end of the month