For all of this, I blame Anj, whose bedroom is straight out of an Ikea catalogue. Actually, so is the rest of her house - even the pot holders are Ikea.

It's impossible not to love Ikea - it's chock full of pretty wonderful things. So never mind that I don't have a room of my own to shop for yet, that doesn't stop me from going (virtual) shopping.

My one requirement for beds: no space underneath. Because that's where the monsters lurk at night, and where dustballs and missing objects congregate during the day. And it's also a pain to clean. So you can imagine how much I like the concept of a bed with storage, instead of empty space, underneath.

And this is pretty good too in case I don't have enough space (or cash) for a double bed:

I looooove this storage system for kids. So much niftier than the adult stuff. The baskets come in different colors, and you can also replace them with shelves.

And of course the room should have a couple of mirrors, because I'm vain like that:

One caveat, though. Anj recently re-modeled her entire bedroom and encountered a ton of problems with the furniture assembly people. So maybe if you could afford to skip the whole assembly service thing (read: do it yourself), then it's probably best to do so.

All images from the Ikea website.

P.S. I also love Ikea food ^^

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