The Inevitable

Being in Singapore without shopping is like going to Universal Studios without trying Battlestar Galactica. Well, the latter actually happened, but considering how much stress I got from The Mummy I am pretty sure Battlestar Galactica would kill me.

Anyway. The great thing about shopping with Anj (which is also a problem, depending on how you look at it) is that she finds things I normally wouldn't even look at but I end up actually liking.

Exhibit A:

I was looking for sandals the entire afternoon and found zilch. And then Anj arrives and suddenly I can't decide between a dozen or so pairs at Charles and Keith.

I finally settled with this one, which I would never have picked out in a million years, but I really likey:

This one has a distinct "Chelo vibe" but since she refuses to join us here I bought it anyway hehehe :p

And we both fell in love with this bag so we got one each:

And that ends the Charles & Keith marathon spree. I will attempt to justify by mentioning that Anj has a discount card and I needed the sandals. And the bag is really really pretty.

The other night we were at Anj's friend Chi's house for dinner. Chi happens to sell clothes, with her own label and all:

Guess what happens next.

Two dresses and four tops. Bow.


  1. i like ur bag! gusto ko pa nmn ng pewter at may pinalagpas akong bag sa lapagayo dati :(

  2. haha i will join you soon (just waiting for a cheap airfare lol);) and you have to bring me to universal studios cos im a tourist like that :)