Librarian for a day

Anj is moving stuff around the house, and I was forced volunteered to help put her gazillion books back onto the shelf. And by help, I mean I will arrange them as I see fit, and she is not allowed to complain nor will she ever inquire where a particular book is located.

Book organization, the ella way: ang pangit, sa likod (ugly books at the back). And yes, I judge by cover, not content. So the brown and tattered classics stand beside the trashy novels and Archie comics, all obscured from view. Paulo Coelho on the bottom shelf because I don't like him. Food-related books at eye level to entice Anj to read them and subsequently cook for me hehe.

Sandwich Haruki Murakami between Francine Pascal (who should be hanged for destroying my childhood through Sweet Valley High Confidential) and Lauren Weisberger and see if they get along.

And Bartney Stintson's The Bro Code beside inspirational and self-help books. Self-explanatory, yes?

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