Shop. Eat. Sleep.

As much as I love Anj, we are so not good for each other. When we're together, all we do is shop. And eat. And sleep. It's our own version of Eat Pray Love. At the rate we are going we are most definitely going to end up fat and broke (at least I am; it will take a great great deal of shopping before Anj goes broke) by the end of the month.

Exhibit A:

Anj's (half-cooked) soy sauce-free adobo. We were so hungry we couldn't wait for the fully-cooked version, never mind that it probably would've been ten times yummier if we did, which is a testament to our lack of emotional quotient. And did I mention that this happened during a time when we were not supposed to be eating carbs?

Exhibit B:

Oh, Reebonz. Why did you have to exist?

In my (poor) defense, this was the result of several factors:
1. I need a bag for work (Anj does not approve of my schlepping bag - "It's a weekend bag")
2. We RSVP'd to the Reebonz Chijmes sale and it'd be a shame to waste the invite
3. We needed to make our selection from the billions of bags inside the store within 30 minutes to get an additional 5% off our purchase (which, I have to say, is a pretty damn good idea on the part of Reebonz)
4. The bag was damaged enough to merit a hefty discount, but it was a damage I can live with (i.e. I would probably damage it like that myself after a couple of uses)
5. Did I mention the discounts?

Speaking of discounts, I finally have a bottle of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, and I got it for nearly half the retail price yay. ^^

Aaaaand, this is supposed to be Anj's gift for my Kindle:

But I'm thinking he can make do with the dust bag that came with it so I can use the actual bag for myself :p


  1. i like ur gray bag. parang taylor lng :)

  2. mulberry taylor? dahil sa leather?
    p.s. ostrich-stamped leather lang pala yan hehe

  3. ndi, dahil dun sa contrast sa edges.