And we're two birds of a feather

Then the rest is just whenever ^^

Friday Fail

While I truly enjoy getting the look for less, sometimes you just get what you pay for. Take for example this pair of flats I got from a random store in Wistma Atria, for less than 20 SGD (they were on sale):

Now I've gone through a hundred pairs of flats - they've been my staple footwear for the past year or so - and I was so convinced that these were a steal.

And boy was I wrong. Horribly so.

Vacation's Over

The bum's life officially ends on Monday. And what's a new job without a new planner?

Call me old school, but no application can ever replace a handwritten reminder in red ink. What I don't write down, I don't remember. Thankfully Moleskine has 18-month planners that start from July.

I am equally thankful for the stickers. ^^

Wish me luck.

Friday Favorites

Ikea one-dollar hotdogs

Enough to curb the craving for a classic Jolly hotdog, even for just a couple of days.

Bedroom on a budget

Again, courtesy of Ikea. Initially I only got the desk and the pretty pink swivel chair, but I went ahead and bought (and, ehem, assembled) the matching shelf, because there is no denying that I have a crap ton of stuff. And considering it costs less than 30SGD, I'd say it's definitely worth it.

Moving Day

First let me take you to the apartment that could have been.

It had me at mood lighting and pretty living room furniture. But it's a wee bit over our budget, the lifts do not stop at our floor (so we have to go up three flights of stairs), and our neighbor keeps a turtle in plastic basin outside his house which freaked my housemate out.

So we ended up somewhere near here: