Moving Day

First let me take you to the apartment that could have been.

It had me at mood lighting and pretty living room furniture. But it's a wee bit over our budget, the lifts do not stop at our floor (so we have to go up three flights of stairs), and our neighbor keeps a turtle in plastic basin outside his house which freaked my housemate out.

So we ended up somewhere near here:

Quite a bit of a hike from the MRT station, to be honest. But there's a nearby bus stop, and that would have to do.

We moved in yesterday. This is all the stuff I hauled from Anj's wonderful wonderful condo which I inhabited for almost two months.

Quite a handful, considering when I landed in SG I only had the green Samsonite luggage with me.

I have yet to finish furnishing my room, and it's probably going to take a while considering my very limited funds. But I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.

And *ehem* I assembled these by myself.

As expected there was bloodshed, thanks to the pretty pink chair, and I did make a crucial mistake while assembling the table which I only discovered when I was about to attach the last piece (but I did manage to fix it without redoing the entire thing), which just confirms the (already well-proven) theory that I am not meant for manual labor.

Next up: new job next week. Wish me luck ^^

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