The Toof Doctor

Dentists make me squirmy. I guess it's because when you visit them it's like you're giving them permission to poke cold metal tools into your mouth. And you can't exactly make a lot of small talk to at least improve the comfort level, can you?

Fortunately for me, my neighborhood friend (who also happens to be my brother's first puppy love teehee) turned out to be a dentist. So now my only beef with my dental sessions is that I can't be part of the chismisan sessions (I usually visit with another neighborhood friend, that's just how we roll) because my mouth is wide open. 

Now my wisdom teeth have been acting up for quite some time now, and I've been trying to get used to the dull, nagging pain, at least until I can visit my dentist when I go home for the holidays. But as luck would have it, one tooth valiantly decided to spring out and scrape the insides of my cheeks and the pain morphed from tolerable to excruciating. 

KPL Hair Removal

I'm trying to remember what made me get a Groupon voucher for unlimited KPL sessions, but I guess as with all impulse buys it was low EQ coupled with boredom. Although I must say, the prospect of permanently hair-free underarms is a very attractive one, yes?

So I bought a Groupon voucher for unlimited underarm or upper lip KPL sessions at this place called Regina. KPL (krypton pulsed light) is a hair removal technology similar to the more popular IPL (intense pulsed light). You can read all about it here, but ideally what happens is your hair stops growing after a couple of sessions.

I've never tried any of Regina's services before, but they seem to be quite popular. In fact, the branches nearest me are fully booked until November! So I had to book my appointment with their branch at The Central, which was just one (long) train ride away.

Warehouse Sale

So this was *partially* responsible for my weekend bedrest. But to be fair, I already had the sniffles last Friday. Admittedly it probably got worse because I got dragged (fine, it was not like I was hesitant) into visiting the Charles & Keith/Pedro warehouse sale.

One word: crazy. Think Confessions of a Shopaholic crazy. And after all the trouble (and stress) I went through to get there, including going up two floors via the carpark entrance (the entrance for *cars*, not for people), no way was I going home without a purchase.

Or a couple. ^^


While I am no stranger to spending the entire weekend in bed, this time I had to. It was a triple whammy - a really nasty strain of the common cold, a wisdom tooth growing in, and dysmenorrhea. There could not have been a clearer message from the universe to stay the hell in bed.

When I woke up yesterday morning I just knew I was done for - clogged nose, pounding headache, and and extremely sore throat. As tempted as I was to self-medicate I decided to make use of my health insurance. Besides, the clinic was only two bus stops away (walking distance, really, but I am in no mood to walk). The doctor was really nice and I must say, really perky so early in the morning. Actually it was nearly 10, but that's early for a Saturday morning, yes?

 So after the whole routine check-up I ended up with these:

Guess how much I paid for all of these?

Long long weekend

Any weekend that starts with pretty pink roses is bound to be a great one, yes?

It was drizzling almost every day, so there was very little to do, really, apart from eat and sleep and take random crazy pictures, and whatever (mis)adventures we could squeeze in.