While I am no stranger to spending the entire weekend in bed, this time I had to. It was a triple whammy - a really nasty strain of the common cold, a wisdom tooth growing in, and dysmenorrhea. There could not have been a clearer message from the universe to stay the hell in bed.

When I woke up yesterday morning I just knew I was done for - clogged nose, pounding headache, and and extremely sore throat. As tempted as I was to self-medicate I decided to make use of my health insurance. Besides, the clinic was only two bus stops away (walking distance, really, but I am in no mood to walk). The doctor was really nice and I must say, really perky so early in the morning. Actually it was nearly 10, but that's early for a Saturday morning, yes?

 So after the whole routine check-up I ended up with these:

Guess how much I paid for all of these?
Zilch. They even threw in some lozenges (blackcurrant-flavored yay) and paracetamol to be taken in case I develop fever (I didn't). And they charged me nothing. So glad I went to the doctor.

And I like how the meds are individually packed and labeled. It appeals to the OC in me. ^^

Since the clinic was conveniently located inside a mall, I decided to buy some comfort food (and I had no non-spicy food at home and the doctor advised against it). 

Lots of soup since I have zero appetite and sense of taste. And when I'm sick I usually crave for something hearty. 

Orange juice and grapes. When I was young my mom would always buy us grapes when we're sick. I prefer the green ones but the red seedless grapes were on sale so... :p

Random crackers to go with the soup. The bottle of honey lemon was a lifesaver. I swear. A couple of squeezes into a mug of hot water makes for a super soothing drink. I'm nearly halfway through the bottle and I'm thinking of bringing it to work tomorrow.

So that's my weekend care package. I guess it's pretty effective (coupled with lots and lots of Skype ^^) because I'm ready to report to work tomorrow. Not that I wouldn't appreciate an extra day in bed ;p


  1. bakit libre meds mo?
    (pabili naman ng honey..haha)
    tsaka sanaaaaaa maalala mo parin na may friend ka dito sa novena...hihihi

  2. covered nung company health insurance ^^
    yung honey i got from fairprice or cold storage yata.
    aaaaaand i meant to visit nung weekend promise! pero literal na hindi ako bumangon for two days! x.x