The Toof Doctor

Dentists make me squirmy. I guess it's because when you visit them it's like you're giving them permission to poke cold metal tools into your mouth. And you can't exactly make a lot of small talk to at least improve the comfort level, can you?

Fortunately for me, my neighborhood friend (who also happens to be my brother's first puppy love teehee) turned out to be a dentist. So now my only beef with my dental sessions is that I can't be part of the chismisan sessions (I usually visit with another neighborhood friend, that's just how we roll) because my mouth is wide open. 

Now my wisdom teeth have been acting up for quite some time now, and I've been trying to get used to the dull, nagging pain, at least until I can visit my dentist when I go home for the holidays. But as luck would have it, one tooth valiantly decided to spring out and scrape the insides of my cheeks and the pain morphed from tolerable to excruciating. 

So last Wednesday after work I decided to visit a dental clinic. First I tried the one located inside NEX, the nearby mall. But they were fully booked for the day, so I made a reservation for the next evening. And then on my walk home, I passed by another clinic, but no dice - they were also fully booked. Now I can't remember what my train of thought was, but I also made a reservation for the following evening, at the same time slot. I'm guessing it's the pain.

At any rate I ended up going to the second clinic, mainly because their receptionist is warm and accommodating. And they have a complete roster of their dental practitioners in their website, which is always a good thing. And also because I couldn't decide if the clinic name is cute or cheesy. 

Yep, I went to the Toof Doctor. 

The first thing they did when I got there was to do an X-ray. I haven't even had a glimpse of the dentist toof doctor yet and they've already signed me up for some procedure. But it turned out to be a good thing. More on that later. 

According to my receipt the procedure is technically called an orthopanthomogram (OPG), but essentially it's an X-ray that shows all your teeth. And it cost me 60SGD. Gahk. It was pretty quick and uncomplicated - all I had to do was bite this sort of spatula thing while the machine went around my head.

Afterwards I was ushered into my scuba-diving (yep, checked the creds) toof doctor's office. He tells me my wisdom tooth has to be removed and would I want to have it removed then and there and I was like whuuuuut I'm only here for consultation! I wasn't expecting to go home sans one wisdom toof. So I told him I'd have to think about it, and he was nice enough to shave off the part of the offending tooth that was scraping against my cheek to alleviate the pain, but he reminded me that it's temporary.

Now the sort of good news is, the receptionist e-mailed me a digital copy of my OPG, which I forwarded to my dentist at home for a second opinion. And I can also post it in my blog, just for the heck of it (third, fourth, fifth opinions are also very much welcome) teehee.

The toof X-ray actually confirmed my worst fear - both of my lower wisdom teef (the plural of toof heehee) are impacted and would have to be surgically removed. See how they're growing towards my other teeth instead of upwards? It was actually my upper wisdom tooth that made me visit the dentist, but as it turns out I am in bigger trouble from the lower two.

The silver lining is, I was able to find out before they actually did some damage (i.e. before they hurt real real bad). And I can schedule the surgery when I go home to the Philippines where it's infinitely cheaper and where I am completely comfortable with my dentist (although she would have to refer me to an oral surgeon).

Now all I have to do is sit tight and pray that my impakto impacted wisdom teeth don't do anything crazy until then. 

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