Warehouse Sale

So this was *partially* responsible for my weekend bedrest. But to be fair, I already had the sniffles last Friday. Admittedly it probably got worse because I got dragged (fine, it was not like I was hesitant) into visiting the Charles & Keith/Pedro warehouse sale.

One word: crazy. Think Confessions of a Shopaholic crazy. And after all the trouble (and stress) I went through to get there, including going up two floors via the carpark entrance (the entrance for *cars*, not for people), no way was I going home without a purchase.

Or a couple. ^^

Just in time, too, because the two flats I've been wearing to work (my green Pedro flats are special so I refrain from overusing them) are looking worse for the wear. In fact one's already bursting at the seams but I stubbornly wear it anyways.

Borrowing Anj's sale strategy, I just grabbed every shoe that caught my eye that came in size 36, and then proceeded to edit later. I did not go near the bags because it was just too crazy. Like the staff was literally throwing bags into a throng of women with outstretched hands.

Anyway, so this is what I ended up with. I've been super good and spent less than my ceiling budget of 100SGD (for all four pairs!). ^^

My new work flats. Well actually they have a bit of a heel, but not that major. This pair also came in pink, but in a smaller size. So tempted to get those, but if it pinches in the store, it will pinch ten times worse when worn outside. I had to repeat this to myself ten times before I put down the pink shoes.

Weekend shoes. Or casual Friday shoes. I'm always a sucker for garterized flats, and the champagne color reminded me of the Aldo flats I totaled in Japan.

My favorite pair. I've been wanting to get these for the longest time - I think I saw them in the shops in the Philippines before I left for Singapore. I just couldn't justify the price back then. But now they are simply too cheap to pass up. And, I also got the last pair. Hah.

I had to get at least one non-sensible pair of shoes, yes?
I was actually disappointed that Pedro did not have any flats on sale, so I only did one quick round before we left, and I found these going for more than 75% off. I quickly asked for my size and had my arms outsretched the moment the kuya appeared with the box.

The heels are three and a half inches and I would probably need those gel pad things to make them wearable, but I don't really care. ^^


  1. the pedro's look painful.
    di ka nagyaya!!!! waaaah!

    kitten heels (rofl)

    good buys, good buys.

    lol at "grab everything in size 36 and edit later"

  2. anj, nayaya lang ako sorry! :p
    at super effective kaya nung strategy mo haha :)