How I Met My iPhone

It took an entire morning camped out in front of my MacBook to book an appointment for the launch, half an hour waiting for customer service to pick-up my call, a couple of minutes half-screaming at the Filipino CS rep who had the nerve to tell me I was lucky I was even able to connect to the website (this while I was complaining about the fact that my appointment was not booked due to some error on their side), several dozen moments jumping up and down after getting my confirmation e-mail seconds after the aforementioned screaming match with the rep who incidentally told me I had none, fifteen minutes trying my luck at the online pre-order, and an entire day staring at the door waiting for the delivery man because the pre-order was successful.

The Horror that is Passport Renewal

I never really visit any Philippine government agency expecting speed, efficiency, and outstanding overall service - in fact, I almost always expect the worst - but somehow I still get extremely stressed and severely disappointed.

Take, for example, the process of passport renewal. Mine is expiring on March next year, so I had to renew it here otherwise I won't be able to go anywhere as my passport no longer meets the 6-months-before-expiry travel cutoff.

It started off well, actually. Here in Singapore, appointments for passport renewal can be made online. All I had to do was e-mail the requirements together with the application form and preferred date and time of appointment (appointment slot availability is listed in the embassy's website). I strongly recommend doing this as opposed to visiting the embassy and queueing up for hours just to get an appointment.  On the actual appointment date it probably took me less than twenty minutes for the whole process. Easy peasy, and I couldn't have been more shocked.

I got a claim slip indicating the date I had to come back to claim my new passport, which I assumed would be easy enough. All they had to do, after all, was give me my new passport and punch holes on the old one. How difficult could that be?

The Birthday Weekend

...was all sorts of wonderful, thank you very much. ^^