Sunday Brunch

Apparently here in Singapore, Sunday brunch begins at noon.

Thank God for good food.
I'm a bit under the weather, hence the lack of blog posts. Will be back when all is well. :)

In-flight shopping: Travalo

Yep. Started shopping even before I landed in SG. Goodness.

In my defense I wasn't planning on it, but while browsing through the in-flight magazines (out of nothing else to do - no movies or music or anything!) I found this:

I blame YouTube. Ever since I saw it in one of the channels I subscribe to I knew I had to have it, and the only question was how (up to this point I thought they were only available in the US).


So I made it to SG, and Anj's apartment, in one piece.

I took JetStar, for no reason other than the fact that I was able to actually book the flight (which I can't seem to accomplish with CebuPac after a million tries).

I arrived at the airport a good four hours before departure, and was completely unaware that JetStar check-in counters opened so late. I had to stand in line for almost two hours, and by the time I cleared immigration (after another insanely long queue) I barely had time for coffee. Tsk.

However, they did let me get away with 24 kg of check-in baggage so much much love to JetStar. ^^

The flight was uneventful but I was so tired this was the only photo I managed to take before I dozed off.

Dear Lunchmates

Thank you...

... for teaching me how to drink beer
... for teaching me how to play bridge, and for losing miserably to me :p

... for the Fishy buckets three times a week
... for the Friday all-nighters

... for forcing me out of my fake smile
... for forcing me to watch the grudge
... for being bullied to do one barre3 session with me
... for bullying me into one 5k run
... for taking part in my 40-day no-Coke challenge, and losing :)

... for Zombie Cafe
... for testing the limits of my Macbook in video processing
... for taking me to the beach, and elsewhere

... for discovering how awesome patron + sprite + yakult is
... for helping me discover there is a life outside of the project
... for not being weird about me being two years older than everyone
... for the tons and tons of laughter, and tears, and then some
... for all the drama, both mine and everyone else's
... for all the sound advice and fresh perspective
... for being the most awesome set of friends ever

... and most importantly, for volunteering to schlepp my stuff to SG.
See you real soon ;p

An Entire Weekend

And this was the only photo I managed to take :p
Twas great though <3

Dear Paeng

Good luck out there. Stop being scared. Remember, you got most of your training from me and that could only make you the best hardware engineer ever.

You will be missed, but I meant what I said - develop some sort of obnoxious balikbayan twang and I will unfriend you in FaceBook. And YM. And elsewhere in cyberspace. Immediately.


I am officially a bum.
But not for long, I hope.