My apologies for the utter lack of posts; I have been experiencing my very own, personal Mercury Retrograde. 

I guess after more than four years of using a Mac, I am no longer used to things not working smoothly. That is, until Apple released Mac OS X Lion and things started to go downhill. Long, harrowing story short, I ended up buying Chibi. 

Admittedly, a Macbook Air is not the most practical laptop out there, and it certainly is not a lot of bang for your buck, specs-wise, but for my personal use it serves quite excellently. I mean let's be honest here - I may understand the difference between a 1.4Ghz and a 1.6Ghz processor but will I notice it? I'm still working out the kinks (and still cursing Lion every single day for not being as stable and useful sa Leopard) but I'm hoping this would all be over one day. If not, Windows 8 I am looking at you.

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