Skinny v2.0

Decided to give Gelaskins another try. I got a couple of skins for my iPhone 3G way back, and I was pretty pleased with them - the artwork was pretty, and the material is of good quality. In fact, they lasted longer than the gadget they were made for.

This time I got skins for my MacBook and Kindle, which are both showing signs of aging (read: miniscule cracks).

And this is how they turned out:

So. Much. Love.
It's almost like having two new gadgets :D
I'd say they're worth checking out if you have some tech stuff needing a makeover. ^^

On my MacBook: Blow Fish by Nanami Cowdroy
On my Kindle: Oiran by Audrey Kawasaki (matte finish!)


  1. mommy! promise yan? mag b blog ka na ulit?

    parang gusto ko na din ng gelaskin dahil puro gasgas na ung ipod ko ;p nag order ka ba online?

  2. i shall try my best :p

    yep, online. bilis lang naman shipping (yung chipangga option yung kinuha ko :p). tapos naghanap ako ng discount codes para di masyado kaloka :D

  3. teach me how/where to order plsssss!
    (also have you paid me na for cinema secrets? i forgot. hahaha)

    need mook-up advice rin..parang nagccake make up sa nose ko...ano magandang solution?:)

  4. @anj and then google gelaskins coupon codes if meron. i used the cheapest shipping lang and i got it in a week :)
    re: make-up sa sides ng nose, problem ko din. sa nose mismo, i skip moisturizer dun lang sa part na yun pag feeling ko super oily ^^