Bits and Pieces: iPhone Things

Just thought I'd share a couple of things I bought for my iPhone, apart from the requisite screen protector and case, which proved really useful.

I got this Michael Kors Essential Zip because I was tired of having to schlepp with my two hands my iPhone, wallet, coin purse, and company ID whenever we go out for lunch, which is just cumbersome.

It's made specifically for the iPhone so there's a separate compartment for it, along with three card slots on one side, another card slot on the other side, and enough space in between for a couple of bills (but not a 100SGD or 10000JPY note because they're just too darned wide).

Now it's all I bring with me for short trips, and it also doubles as a tiny clutch for when I go out. Quality-wise it's well-made enough to withstand the everyday abuse, but I'm not sure the faux croc (python) detailing is going to stay pretty for long. This is available at the Apple Store for around 90 USD, which is kinda pricey but I can't find anything similar elsewhere (if you do please drop me a comment! ^^)

One of the major issues with the iPhone is the battery life, but it's something I've learned to live with. Thanks, in great part, to these:

Eneloop Mobile Chargers. I've seen these around back in Japan (where mobile chargers are the norm) but I haven't had any use for them until now. Basically they're portable mini-chargers for your phone that run on two AA batteries. Not enough for a full charge, but enough to get by during low-juice emergencies. And if you're really on a pinch you can just bring extra AA batteries (or buy some), which I think is an advantage over other mobile chargers. 

The cylindrical one is a stick booster, and the squarish one is a mobile booster. They pretty much do the same thing, except that the stick booster is a bit more handy, but it can't charge your batteries so if you don't have an AA battery charger then the mobile booster would be a better choice (and more suited for taking on trips, too, because you don't have to bring an extra charger). I'm sure no one really needs two but let's just say I'm a hoarder. Not sure if they're widely available though because I asked my very nice friends to get them for me in Japan, but you should find them easily enough in Amazon.

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