First World Problems

So for two weeks now I've been obsessed with finding a pair of hypoallergenic earrings. See, the hole on my right ear is threatening to close up and I want to sort of coax it to open up again. Otherwise I would need to have my ear pierced again and what if the piercing person misses the actual hole and instead makes another one very close to it and the two holes merge and I end up with one large hole on my right ear? Afraid.

I've been trawling the internet for weeks now trying to find out where to find hypoallergenic earrings in Singapore and came up with zilch. I did however, go through countless arguments about the ethics of having your baby girl's ears pierced (because I started looking for earrings for babies because there's a good chance those are hypoallergenic, yes?). There is just so much drama in the world.

Anyway last Friday I went to Vivo City after work just to try my luck, and I guess it was my lucky day because lookie what I found in the first store I entered:

Nothing fancy, which is exactly what I wanted. And cheap, which makes it even better.

So now my right ear piercing is back in circulation yay.

And then on my way out I dropped by Mac because I noticed the Shop Cook collection was out. I don't really follow Mac's collections anymore because it seems like they have a new one every other week, but this particular one is special (at least to me) because they re-launched Tendertones. The last time they were launched I wasn't into makeup yet so I've been dying to try them.

It comes in this huge box, which is kinda cute, but to be honest I don't really get the whole concept behind this collection at all. Plus, Mac got a little bit lazy this time because they neither changed the product packaging nor the box it comes in; they only created a sleeve (that pink checkered thing) to put over the original box. Hmmmf. Thank goodness the product itself is good.

I got Purring, which is a crazy bright melony-orange. But it applies quite sheer, so it just warms up your lips a bit. And it smells like watermelon, although Mac claims it's strawberry kiwi. Either way it smells yummy. And it's really moisturizing, and has SPF10. Super love. I actually considered getting a back-up but I went to the Mac counter at Sephora Ion didn't have them. Apparently the collection launched early at Tang's Vivo City, and the island-wide launch is due this week or next. So I guess I still have a few more days to contemplate on that back-up. Admittedly it's a bit pricey for a lip gloss, but I really really likey. Thoughts?

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