KPL Hair Removal: An Update

People have been asking me about my KPL hair removal sessions at Regina so I guess it's time for an update.

I started with this whole KPL thing last September, and I've only had four so far because you can only have one session every eight weeks. A bit of a bummer, to be honest, because I'm told some companies let you have one session a month, but it's supposed to have something to do with your hair growth cycle and stuff, which I can't really dispute because I don't know anything about it. Also you can only have them done in one branch; transfers are not allowed (I guess to control the number of clients?). I have mine at the Central branch. It's not the nearest one but they don't have too many customers so it's easy to get appointments.

Except for the initial session which would take about an hour because of the orientation and patch test, each visit takes about ten minutes, tops. Sometimes the attending staff explains the procedure to you and performs the routine checks (e.g. make sure it's not that time of the month and you did not take any medication prior to treatment), sometimes they don't say anything and just get on with it. So it would be a good idea to pay attention during the first treatment (although I didn't :p). The pain level doesn't change over the course of the treatment, still that mild rubberband-snapping feeling which, if you have waxed or epilated before, should be peanuts. Oh, and they still have free candy (which I keep on getting like a crazy kid let loose).

I'm not sure it's fair to comment about the results so far because they did tell me it can take up to 8 sessions to get noticeable change, but I can say that while there is still hair growth, it is significantly slower - comparable to the growth rate when I use an epilator - and the hair is also finer. Although I do feel that after maybe 6 weeks post-treatment it's back to normal thickness, but maybe that's because I shave? Speaking of, the staff recommends that you refrain from shaving as much as possible, but that's just not going to happen because I don't fancy wearing a sweater everyday.

I also can't comment about the whitening claims because I use a whitening deodorant and I can't really isolate the results. Although you only get the treatment once every eight weeks so I really doubt it can give you significant whitening.

So I guess what I'm saying is I can't say for sure if it is 100% effective or not, because I have to wait for a couple more sessions. I can say that if you're looking for instant hair removal, then this is not it - you'd have to hold on to that razor for at least a year. You don't have to use it as often, because hair growth is slower, but you do have to use it.

I can also say that this is so much better than using an epilator. For one, the pain is a hundred notches lower, and the regrowth rate is about the same. And if you get a Groupon voucher, the prices are comparable (as long as we're talking about underarms and not legs because that's a whole other story). And do take note that once you start your KPL sessions you will not be allowed to wax or epilate. Ever. So if you have an upcoming vacation where you would prefer to wax and be hair-free for a week, it would be wise to postpone the KPL sessions until after that.

So there. Do I get noticeable results? Yes. Am I wowed by it? Not really, but we'll have to see.
Needless to say, it's not gonna be the same for everybody, but this is how it is for me. Leave a comment if you have questions.
Updates after the 8th session, I promise. ^^

P.S. For some reason the Regina website is blocked by Google for spreading malware or something so I'm not linking it here.


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  4. Hello!
    I chanced upon your blog when I was searching for reviews for my hair removal. May I know do you have any recommended areas which I can do my permanent hair removal? Have been buying those deals from groupon but not much effect :( Would greatly appreciate your feedback as I am fed up with all my hairy arms and legs :(
    Thank you!