Nifty or Not?

I found this while shopping for a birthday gift for a 5-year old girl, which is dangerous because we never really outgrow that soft spot for little girly things, do we?

I thought it was a pretty good idea, but now I'm not so sure. It's called a Finders Key Purse, and it's a key holder that you hook on to the edge of your purse so you always know where your keys are - no more furious rummaging in front of your doorstep.

I was so convinced it was useful until I actually started using it. No complaints function-wise - it does what it does - but they keys are just so incredibly noisy and they drove me crazy after a good twenty seconds of use. So it ended up right in the middle of the unending abyss that is the inside of my purse. Haysh.

I still think they're a good idea. Maybe if I only had one key?

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