It may not be the rarest or most precious of all gemstones, but chalcedony is special to me. ^^

I've consciously refrained from lurking at Esty - there's just too much good stuff in there and that can't be good for my wallet. But when I found out it is bristling with chalcedony jewelry I could not resist. After a bit of scouting I settled on an aqua blue round chalcedony ring set in hammered gold from this shop called Delezhen.

Shipping took three weeks (that's US to Singapore), and the box got smooshed en route, but other than that I got the item in good condition. I do wish it came with a velvet pouch instead of the useless cardboard box. Overall I'm pretty pleased though.

The stuff sold on Etsy are either vintage or handmade, so perfection is not to be expected.

The irreguarilities add a touch of personality, I think.

I love how the stone color  comes off as muted and smoky as opposed to sparkly.

My precious :p

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